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Khon Kaen University (KKU) is a leading world-class research university.
By 2015, KKU will be one of the world's leading research universities in the world rankings as determined by outside agencies. KKU is ranked one of the 3 leading universities in the country, one of 80 leading universities in Asia, and one of 400 leading universities in the world.
KKU is a leader in excellence in teaching, learning, research and development including innovation that are linked to academic services, technology transfer, problem solving, development projects  in the  area, especially in the Northeastern region and in the Greater Mekong Sub-region by using the research study as a learning-base.
KKU has been honored at the national and international level for its education quality and assurance for research studies and organizational management under good governance. It has ability to manage resources, assets and intellectual properties so that they could help develop the university as for the maximize profits with self-sufficiency.
Moreover, its personnel are also highly qualified with knowledge, capacity, good quality of life and a good environment for working. KKU is an organization that has been regarded as healthy academic atmosphere based on the loyalty and commitment to this organization.

In conclusion, KKU is a learning-based, research-based, quality-based, and community and national development-based university with good governance.

In order to achieve internationally recognized standards and strengthen the community and society, Khon Kaen University has also the missions such as to produce graduates with well-balanced knowledge, morals and wisdom, to promote and expand university research, to provide academic services to the community through the university community outreach programs and to preserve and promote the arts, culture and heritage.

KKU is the center of creativity, thought, social and academic wisdom, and education of the northeast of Thailand. It is committed to academic excellence and international collaboration in order to promote knowledge and technology exchanges. KKU is located in geographical proximity to the Indo-China countries and thus is the academic institute truly connecting the Indo-China region knowledge base.
KKU serves as a facilitator and mechanism by which academic excellence in all disciplines is developed. In addition, it provides the foundation to become the center of document and information technology through collaboration and effective administrative management. KKU graduates possess sound knowledge, morals, and wisdom that can be applied to use for the best benefits of the region, and nation, and for global development.

"KKU aims to be a leading university, one of the top 3 ranked in the country, one of the top 80 ranked in Asia, and one of 400 ranked in the world".
KKU is a leading university with a unique identity, high quality, standards and excellence in leading roles, meeting the needs of communities and society and accepted by society and communities in the Northeastern region, nationally and internationally.
The University, in a bid to reach its goals, has also realized the second target which is also significant, and dealed with three components that the KKU must take into account and these relevant issues as follows.
    1. A university based on research (research-based university)
    2. The University of Healthy and good organizational management and could be a good university model
    3. The university that has the ability and capacity to manage resources, assets and intellectual properties so that they could further develop it to maximize benefits and self-reliance.
KKU aims at producing good results, creating social values and bright future, learning process of organizations, individual, and social accountability by producing more qualified  graduates,  conducting  research work, providing academic and social services, maintaining and preserving  arts and culture to be more widely recognized and up to international standards,  aiming to develop the community and strengthen society.

Organizational Culture
    1.    Actively adheres to the rules and regulations under the good governance system
    2.    Taking into account the common interest, with more compromise and acceptance (comments).
    3.    Be creative working with faith and loyalty to the organization and with patience, teamwork spirit and service mindedness.
    4.    The academic community focusing on knowledge transfer and sharing knowledge between organizations.

To lead this educational organization with vision and to give significance to the university faculty’s lectures and staff as stakeholders to lead good cooperation.
To focus on stakeholders and partners, creating good results and values as well as the future of knowledge of individual and corporate with social accountability.


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