KKU is getting ready to announce the “NEW” fringe benefits for the staff

May 28, 2021 at Sarasin Room, Sirikunakorn Building, Office of the President, Khon Kaen University – Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., KKU President presided over the meeting of the Committee Members of Khon Kaen University Fringe-Benefit Funding Administration for Staff Members. The key agendum was to consider the principles, payment rates and payment methods of the fringe benefits for KKU personnel. The purpose is to assist and support the staff members. The meeting was both online and onsite.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul reported, “We have good news for KKU officers and employees. At the first meeting of 2021 of Khon Kaen University Fringe-Benefit Funding Administration Committee for Staff Members on May 28, 2021, the members approved the increase of the fringe benefits for officers and employees as follows: 1) 2,500 baht for annual medical check-up, 2,000 baht for outpatient medical treatment, which is on top of the former 2,000 medical security rights, 10,000 baht for inpatient medical charge, which is on top of the medical security rights. In addition, immediate relatives are entitled to use the rights of KKU personnel as both an outpatient and inpatient, and not over 50% of the amount remaining each year can also be accumulated to the following year. 2) Support for cases of disaster at an amount of not over 10,000 baht per year. 3) Expenses for traveling and merit making spent by the personnel and immediate relatives at an amount of 10,000-20,000 baht annually. Payment of former fringe benefits and welfare is still effective.”

“The establishing of Fringe-Benefit Funding for KKU Personnel is aimed at accumulating funds for paying the welfare of the personnel, that is clearly separated from the University’s annual budget so that there will be sufficient amount to pay for the fringe benefits of the personnel both at present and in the future.”

News: Watchara Noichompoo

Photos: Chaicharn Lada



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