Faculty of Agriculture, KKU, holds a workshop on “Contemporary Bamboo Handicraft for Elderly Enterprise Group” under the U2T Project

June 14, 2021 at 9:00-12:00 hours – Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University organized a workshop on “Contemporary Bamboo Handicraft for Elderly Enterprise Group” under the Integrated Socio-Economic Upgrading Project for Sub-districts (U2T Project) at Khua Riang Sub-district, Chumphae District, Khon Kaen. Asst. Prof. Mallika Srisuham and Dr. Pornthip Phontusaeng are in charge for the U2T Project in Khua Riang Sub-district with a working team. Mrs. Suphawadee Srisukhawat, District Chief Officer, chaired the opening ceremony, with Mr. Kampanat Thawongklang, Deputy District Chief Officer attending the opening session. The objective of the training was to upgrade the wickerwork and handicraft of the elderly enterprises group. The training also aimed at enabling the trainees to design interesting bamboo handicraft products with modern patterns and community identity. The trainer was Khun Noppamas Khot-ui, an expert in contemporary handicraft art and design. The training was held for 2 days, June 14-15, 2021.

The morning session of the first day featured talks on the following topics: 1) Creating bamboo handicraft by wickerwork, binding, and dovetailing techniques; 2) Inspiration for handicraft works; 3) Patterns of work pieces; 4) Creating values for the work; 5) Creating stories for the works to increase values; 6) Important art components for creating handicraft works.

In the afternoon of June 14 and on June 15, the trainees got into real practice by forming bamboo chairs and lamps from bamboo. The trainees were very interested in the activities and had their beautiful work pieces completed from the training.

The workshop took place at the Elderly Enterprise Group Office, Village No. 4, Ban Kham Pom, Khua Riang Sub-district, Chumphae District, Khon Kaen, with cooperation from community leaders, Sub-district Administrative Organization, Head of Khua Riang Sub-district, and village leaders, who efficiently assisted in public relation and coordination. The trainees, 30 altogether, were from 12 villages. Apart from the different work pieces obtained from the training, the area people were also inspired to extend the knowledge and skills in manufacturing their products from bamboo, with values added and increased incomes. The sub-district will also become a learning source for transferring the knowledge and handicraft work among the locals.



News by Dr. Pornthip Phontusaeng

Photos: U2T Project working team, Khua Riang Sub-district, Chumphae District, Khon Kaen.



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