KKBS orients the new freshmen completely online

July 9, 2021 – Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy of Khon Kaen University held an official orientation ceremony for the new students of the Academic Year 2021. The whole activities were carried out online and still maintained the purpose to prepare the students for their university studies and to build good relationships among the freshmen, the upperclassmen and the professors. The activities were expected to lead the students towards being the required graduates and to meet the intention of University’s and Faculty’s philosophy, vision, and objectives.

The event began with official introduction to the Faculty by presentation of the Faculty Introduction video and the video presenting the latest programs of Khon Kaen University, “Master’s Degree Program of Business Administration for Digital Entrepreneurs”. The ceremony continued with the welcoming address by Assoc. Prof. Pensri Charoenwanit, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty, who also gave a special talk on the Faculty’s instructional management, the students’ lives on campus. Next, Asst. Prof. Donruthai Kowatanakul, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Academic Affairs introduced the departments and units responsible for instructional support and coordination at undergraduate level; followed by Ajarn Sutthipong Phuensaen, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Administration and Strategic Planning, who gave a talk on the Quality of Education towards International Standard; and Ajarn Narisara Phalusuk, Vice Dean for Student Development and Organization Image, whose talk was on Students’ Activities and New Students’ Welcoming Activities. The event closed with lecturers meeting the new students in their assigned groups, in which the instructional policy was introduced and the new students meeting their advisors. The new students were free to ask questions and exchange information useful for their studies towards the degree in the future.

Assoc. Prof. Pensri Charoenwanit, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty welcomed the 58th Freshman Class to Mo Din Daeng, Khon Kaen University and to the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy. “First, congratulations to all 2021 freshmen. The Faculty is pleased and happy to welcome you all here. There are 989 freshmen this year, who certainly have the abilities, perseverance, and determination, and therefore could undergo the obstacles and various steps of the screening until you are enrolled into the Faculty of KKBS. The official orientation this year, even though conducted completely online, still contains the content and information useful for the students as always. There are information related to the teaching and learning, what you should know about the University’s welfare provision, how to adjust yourself to the new environment and to living with friends, ajarns and university staff, various activities, and important guidelines from the supporting units of the University that will assist you in your 4-year studies here until you graduate and become the country’s qualified personnel. Lastly, I wish all new students happiness all through your program with KKBS and Khon Kaen University. Obtain as much experience as you can and use your time for the optimum benefits until you reach the target you are aiming at.”

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News / Photos: Warunyu Donnua



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