‘Chit Chat in KKU Workplace’ is a success and creates the international atmosphere on campus

The Chit Chat in KKU Workplace project run by the Division of International Affairs of Khon Kaen University becomes successful. Staff members are able to use English in their work, while foreign students have a chance to train for their future occupation and learn about the working culture in Thai work places.

The Division of International Affairs of Khon Kaen University reached the success in the pilot project, ‘Chit Chat in KKU Workplace’, which was aimed at promoting the use of English language in different departments and organizations, enhancing an international atmosphere, creating good relationships between foreign students, building collaborative networks, integrating work cooperation, providing a chance for foreign students to learn about Thailand’s various cultures, and learning Thai organization cultures. This project began in March this year, and went on until August, with 12 faculties and institutes in KKU and over 18 foreign students joining, under strict measures against Covid-19.

During the project, the students were supervised online in respective faculties and institutes. Staff said that overall, the project was effective as it enabled development of English using skills in work places. Moreover, students had the chance to exchange cultures with Thai officers. The students said, “Thanks Khon Kaen University and officers who gave us the opportunity for the practices. It is useful for our future occupations. We are impressed to learn about the working cultures in Thailand’s organizations and to get to know the officers in those organizations.”

The project is in accordance with one of Khon Kaen University’s strategies for internalization. The Division of International Affairs is the key organization that coordinates work related to foreign affairs. This project “Chit Chat in KKU Workplace” was therefore initiated. In the coming future, the division has plans to continuously carry out activities similar to this and be part of the University in terms of internationalization.

News: Division of International Affairs

Photos: Division of International Affairs and the students who joined the project



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