KKU provides consultation for the “Graphene Oxide Producing Machine” Project to promote New S-Curve – the future material – and aim towards reducing 50% import costs

November 25, 2021 at 09:30 – 11:45 a.m. – Khon Kaen University led by Dr. Apirachai Wongsriworapon, Director of the Science Park and Khun Jiraporn Luanhpairin, Director of the Intellectual Property Center, who is also a project consultant of the graphene oxide producing machine and automatic reduced graphene oxide system for industry, a project under a big project, “Building Research Values for Commercial Benefits” joined in signing an MOU with King Mongkut University of Technology Lad Krabang and CP All Public Company. The objectives of the MOU are to research and build innovations from graphene. Prof. Suchatchawee Suwansawat, President of King Mongkut University of Technology Lad Krabang signed for KMUTL and Mr. Korsak Chairasameepak, General Manager of CP All Public Company signed for the Company. The signing ceremony took place at the 7th Floor, Krom Luang Narathiwas Rachanakarin Building (the President Office), King Mongkut University of Technology Lad Krabang.

The “Building Research Values for Commercial Benefits” Project or “Pan Dao” Project is being subsidized by the Division for Promotion and Coordination for Benefits in Science, Research and Innovation to develop a machine that produces industrial graphene oxide, a future material that will enhance the capacities in innovation and technology and link with New S-Curve. The project was initiated after Assoc. Prof. Chettha Rattanapan, Ph.D., a professor of the Department of Physics and his team had researched until finding the potential in producing graphene oxide in Thailand. This led to the founding of a prototype factory for producing graphene oxide at 15 kilograms per month, which is enough to feed the related industry. The production is anticipated to yield 60-100 million baht monthly and the cost will be 50% lower than importing.

Graphene is a layer of carbon with thickness of one atom. It has a geometrical structure and a special property, that is, one hundred times greater strength than iron with the same thickness. Although the cost of production is low, graphene is an efficient heat and electric conductor as well as a nearly transparent material that resists vibration and heat well.


Source of information: http://thep-center.org/src2/views/activity-news.php…



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