“Roof” – Mixed-Media Creative Work that conveys ‘family love’ makes an architectural student win a national first prize

Congratulations Miss Konkanok Chuarattanakul! – a 2nd year architectural student majoring in design for winning the first prize of the creative work category (painting, sculpture, and mixed media), and receiving a cash prize of 50,000 baht from the “Thai Thayan” Competition that aimed at value adding to Thai inheritance with the new-generation creative economic concept, organized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation and Faculty of Fine Arts, Suan Sunantha Rajabhat University. The award was announced on April 4, 2022 at Chang Chui Multi-purpose Building, Bangkok.

The mixed media work called “Roof” relates the livelihood of people living in a crowded area, which is seen by others as a place full of fighting, struggling, deteriorating, and loss of hope. From this feeling, the creator wanted to change this perspective, to present a crowded area with colors, enchantment, and joy. Under each roof, there are stories about the living of people who are different from one another, molding into a family. The living of one family that connected to another family can be filled with love, warmth, support, and assistance. “Roof” is comparable to a warm and comforting embrace for the community people when they are exhausted. It is the life of family members in the community.

Miss Konkanok Chuarattanakul explained about the pride and the successful award that comes from her living and study on the campus and from her friends and lecturers’ acceptance of her work. She will go on improving herself and her ability. Her family also supports her in everything. Whatever she wants to do, the family always helps, encourages, and gives suggestions. This made her come up with an idea to present the warmth from family members, using “roofs” of all houses to connect the life stories of people living under them. She applied the knowledge from her studies in the Faculty of Architecture, and Department of Design as the concept for the other part, i.e., the structure. In her work she had planned each step, and therefore this piece of work was completed successfully.

Photos: Miss Konkanok Chuarattanakul and Thai Thayan Facebook Page

News: Kannaphat Sirikiat


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