KKU-CMU join as a team at the 30th KKU-CMU Rural Development Co-Voluntary Camp

Khon Kaen University has laid missions and strategies to enhance different skills for the students and instill good conscience among them so that they will go out to work for the benefits of the public. Joining camp activities to enhance voluntary and humanitarian mind is one thing many students are interested in. Such camps build students voluntary experiences, promote good relationships between the community and the students, and train the students in leadership and responsibility towards others. Living together as a team in a community allows students to study the ways of living, traditions and cultures of the locality. The voluntary camping that has been carried out by a group of students from Khon Kaen University (KKU) and Chiangmai University (CMU) under the name: “KKU-CMU Rural Development Co-Voluntary Camp” is a voluntary activity that the two universities have performed for over 30 years, alternating their role as the host. This 30th KKU-CMU Rural Development Co-Voluntary Camp was hosted by Khon Kaen University, and was held on April 20-22, 2022. There were 25 administrators, staff members and students from the two universities. The activities this year, held at Phuwiangwittayayon School, Wiangkao District, Khon Kaen, included: repairing and improving the children playground, expanding the dish-washing sinks in the cafeteria, painting and drawing pictures at the assigned area in the school. Participants also listened to a sermon by Phra Ajarn Suban Siritaro from Tham Pha Koeng Cave Monastery, Wiangkao District, Khon Kaen. All through the activities, measures against Covid-19 were strictly observed.

Apart from the said activities, the administrators, staff members and students of the 2 universities who participated in the event had a chance to learn and share their experiences in learning and teaching, which were carried out by study trips to different sections and institutes of KKU, namely,  KKUIC Lab at the International College;  the Co-working Space, and the Center for Business and Isan Economy Research at the Faculty of Economics; KKU Production House at the Instruction Innovation Center. There were also other activities, including the 30-year KKU-CMU relationship activity that was led by Assoc. Prof. Piansak Pakdee, Vice President for Student Development and Alumni Relation; and Assoc. Prof. Amnat Yusook, M.D., a Vice President from Chiangmai University; and a learning and sharing activity under the topic, “The New Step towards the Changes of 3 Decades: KKU-CMU Voluntary Rural Development Camp”. This activity was aimed at revising and searching approaches for modifying and developing the rural development camp management that will be appropriate and correspond to the directions of the policies in student and community development of the present time. The new approach will lead to efficient community development as well as enhancement of different skills for the students and not least, promotion of good relationships between Khon Kaen University and Chiangmai University that will ultimately lead to sustainable and concrete development.

All participants underwent Covid-19 test by the Antigen Test Kit (ATK) and all must have had proof of complete vaccination against the disease. All precautions according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health, to be taken against Covid-19, were strictly observed all through the event.


News / Photos: Student Development Unit, Division of Student Development and Alumni Relation



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