KKU CSV – A very impressive community service festival

Friday September 16, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. – Khon Kaen University held an opening ceremony for the 2nd KKU CSV Festival or “Khon Kaen University’s Community Services”. Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University presided over the opening ceremony. Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs, delivered the reporting speech. A lot of administrators and staff of the KKU joined the event, which was held at the Ground Floor opening space at Khon Kaen Railway Station.

The KKU CSV Festival or “Khon Kaen University’s Community Services” is an event under KKU’s CSV Project. The objective is to build values and the organizational culture: “Social Dedication” among Khon Kaen University people, with the existing bodies of knowledge and expertise, by providing services to the society.

Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University said that the KKU CSV (Creating Shared Value) Festival answers the philosophy in social dedication of Khon Kaen University. The work is like a reminder for KKU people to think about the public.

“Whatever we do, we always think how to solve problems and assist people to lead a better life. This will ultimately bring good impact to the country. I’m confident that the 2nd KKU CSV will greatly benefit the public, because the crisis we’ve faced from Covid-19 brought a lot of impact on the economy as well as people’s health. The activities that we provide will help community people to fight through the crisis, for everyone can come and receive health check free of charge. Other activities are also open for interested people to learn a lot of things from experts in each field,” said the President.

Ajarn Natsamol Tanakulrungsarit, Assistant to the President for Special Affairs revealed that this year, the festival is greater than last year, for there are 41 divisions and organizations inside KKU and outside joining.

“Last year, there were only organizations in KKU that joined. This year, we are cooperated by our network of organizations, both governmental and private. The activities and services that we provide are also for all genders and ages. As an organizer of the event I am impressed to see a lot of people lining up waiting for the official opening. Usually, people have to go to hospitals for their health care services, but today Srinagarind Hospital brings everything here. Health services cover dental health care, too. I’m happy to see that so many people are interested in our services. This shows that things we prepare for you are direct to your needs,” said the Assistant to the President.

Mr. Charnnarong Prasarnkok, a professional nurse of Queen Sirikit Northeast Heart Center, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University said that he and his CPR team are ready to provide knowledge about CPR to the community. CPR is simple and easy, and can save people’s lives.

“CPR can make one become a hero, for you only use your two hands. If you do it correctly, you can save people’s life. Today we bring a teacher dummy and all of the equipment used in the training we provide at the center. This will enable people who do not have a chance to come to the center to learn how to do it. Today we plan to teach every group of people from seventh graders to people 70 years of age. This means there will be more heroes to save people’s lives.”

Miss Natcha Jansongklod, a 12th grader of Nongruawittayakom School, Khon Kaen, who came to learn CPR with Queen Sirikit Heart Center said that she was interested in doing this in order to be able to help people in cases of emergency.

“The CPR team from the center is friendly and the way the team members taught us is efficient. The trainer opened a box for us to see. The box contains the steps. We just follow the steps instructed. The training outside the university is very good. We learn new things in a new place.”

Miss Patarawadee Bootkhot, another 12th grader of Nongruawittayakom School, Khon Kaen, also came to learn how to do CPR, for she believes the situation can happen anywhere.

“The trainers taught us what to do if we are confronted with a patient and how to use the equipment. We learn things like this from school before, but it is different. Here, we learned from the dummy and the real equipment. Learning outside classrooms is good. We obtained a lot of experiences and met people. I believe that when I’m in the situation I will be able to help. But this means I have to build courage first.”

Miss Sukanya Chaiyabut, a 57-year old lady from Khon Kaen came to have her health checked up with Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine. She said she learned about CSV event from her son who is studying at KKU and her son-in-law, who works in KKU.

“My son advised me to have a health checkup. Today, I checked everything, blood check, blood sugar check, blood pressure check, pap smear, mammography, received vaccination against influenza. Although these sound a lot of check-ups, but I didn’t spend much time at all. The officers gave good services and I think it is more effective than going to the hospital where we have to walk from place to place.”

“I met a doctor at the mammography unit, and was told there is nothing found. But I should go to the hospital for more check-up. Other checks were quick. If it was at the hospital, I may have to spend more time. The officers were also nice.”

Miss Nannaphat Jaroenchoksap, aged 50 years old from Khon Kaen came to the Veterinary Medicine Booth for her pets service.

“I follow KKU page. When I saw the advertisement, I called to ask for more information. Today I brought one dog and 3 cats with me. Usually, I go to the Animal Hospital, it is more convenient here for there is the parking space. I also saved money because I have many pets.”

“If we bring cats to the hospital or clinic, we spend a lot of money. But the service here is free of charge, and I’m satisfied with it. KKU does not only provide services to people but also our pets. Our pets are like family members. I’m grateful to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and KKU for this project.”

Mr. Chayangkoon Limpanit, aged 28 years old from Khon Kaen said he joined many booths, like blood donation, acupuncture, etc. I learned about the festival from my mother who is a VHV.

“I had my physical check-up last year and want to do it again this year. I joined many booths, including blood donation. In the afternoon I had acupuncture and body mass checking. The acupuncture might help my insomnia. I’ve had it before so I’m not scared.”

“This community service is very good. I’d like more people to come. Thanks KKU for the services and thanks the officers from Srinagarind Hospital. Your work at the hospital is already heavy, but you still came out to work today.”

The 2nd KKU CSV “Khon Kaen University’s Community Services” answers the University’s philosophy in social dedication and the administrative strategy of the University in academic transformation that is based on technologies, knowledge, and innovations that will lead to sustainable development. Khon Kaen University is confident that the dedication this time will enhance the well-being of the people, bringing benefits to the whole country.

News / Photos: KKU Communications Division

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