KKU Smart Learning Project – using innovation to develop secondary school students’ capacity

This project has been initiated by Khon Kaen University to increase secondary school students’ understanding in sciences, mathematics, and English as well as to enhance their skills in learning, media, technology and information, and life and occupational skills. The project integrates bodies of knowledge from lecturers and researchers of Khon Kaen University; from those with expertise in pedagogical science, in content, in application, and working knowledge; and those with expertise in media and modern technology that will enhance learners in the digital age. Besides, the project also coordinates with several sectors in the region including: the offices of secondary education services, schools, governmental and private organizations with the aims to develop secondary students’ capacity, because these students are at the base of the national valuable resource.

For more details of the research, visit: https://www.kkusmartlearning.com

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