KKU launches AI Clinic to assist researchers and enhance occupational skills for digital-era students

Khon Kaen University Library now opens the AI Clinic to introduce the Generative AI tools and the set of orders for researchers including: SciSpace, ChatPDF, ChatGPT, Alisa, which are researchers’ assistants that enhance occupational skills for digital-era students, protecting them from AI disruption.

Even though Artificial Intelligence or AI emerged for a long time; the Generative AI such as Chat GPT, after 5 days of launch, has already served one million users. This clearly reflects the popularity of AI at present, not counting other tools technology companies have developed, causing the hot AI war that affects all circles.

Assoc. Prof. Kanda Saikaew, Ph.D., Deputy Director for Digital Technology and Innovation of KKU Library explained that the factors pushing AI’s leaping growth during the end part of this year are due to the increasing calculation power that in turn arose from the growth of hardware used for dealing with big data that emerge every second. In addition, there has been the advance of algorithm, open research and collaboration, investment and interest of the industrial sector, and technological advances in the relevant fields such as the data processing of natural languages.

Nevertheless, Generative AI is a tool or technology used and developed for creating different items that are similar to things created by man. New data can be created based on the data learned before. Generative AI can produce images, audio, texts, etc. in accordance with a user’s requirement. At present, Generative AI can be used and can increase the efficiency of work.

KKU enables students to avoid being disrupted by AI.


Khon Kaen University Library opens the AI Clinic to provide instruction for the use of Generative AI and the set of orders for researchers. Initially the service will include: SciSpace, ChatPDF, ChatGPT, Alisa. Every day there will be a Prompt Librarian to give instruction for the use of these functions to assist researchers, lecturers, and students. The assistance covers reading, drawing conclusion, analysis of good and bad points of articles, proposing unexpected research issues, checking English grammar. By just uploading the AI required, the work will take less time and the user will find it convenient and ease in doing their research.

“Some people said they are fired out due to AI. Many companies, however, need employees with skills in AI. Khon Kaen University therefore will enhance the skills for our students so that they are not disrupted by AI.”

Despite tremendous benefits, AI is still the intelligence that has been invented. Assoc. Prof. Kanda suggested that the data displayed by Generative AI may not be 100% accurate. The language used may not be complete. Some tool may not be based on a clarified reference. Therefore, what is important is that we need to possess knowledge about the data that we want Generative AI to create. We need to perform research, analyze more so that the research outcome will be accurate and efficient.

“ChatGPT 3.5 is still the version collecting data until September 2021. There are problems about questions and answers in Thai. But lately, Khon Kaen University has bought the license for ChatGPT Plus with ChatGPT 4 for the clients of the AI Clinic. Users will find this more efficient, with the Thai language system and the Plug-in accessory that brings more efficiency.”

Turnitin – the tool that helps lecturers check students’ assignments.

In addition, Miss Yosyada Sitthiwong, the Prompt Librarian at the AI Clinic, KKU Library said that the clinic does not only provide knowledge about the use of AI tools, but the clinic also transfers knowledge in the use of Turnitin for checking articles or research work created by AI. This will assist teachers and lecturers when correcting their students’ assignments.

“KKU Library offers a Learning Program that trains our clients to use information technology and AI in parallel with the AI Clinic. Advices will be provided on the use of AI and the tool that checks plagiarism as well as the tool that checks statements constructed by AI. In-depth and full-cycle services are open from Mondays-Fridays.”

Students, lecturers and the public are invited to AI Clinic, Khon Kaen University Library on official days and time free of charge. For more information or reservation for service, contact: Tel. 09-3592-2556 or enter FB Chat Plugin at: http://library.kku.ac.th

or e-mail: library.inbox@kku.ac.th

Online service will be available soon.

News: Phanit Khatanak


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