KKU visits CMU to attend the 7th “3 Powers for the Nation”, the learning and sharing of policies and work processes

December 1, 2023 – Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University led a team of KKU administrators and staff to join the KKU-PSU-CMU Learning and Sharing Project, the 7th “3 Powers for the Nation” scheduled on December 1-2, 2023 and hosted by Chiangmai University. At the opening session, Asst. Prof. Pitipong Yodmongkon, Ph.D., Vice President of Chaingmai University presented the reporting speech while Prof. Pongrak Sribanditmongkon, M.D., Ph.D., President of Chiangmai University delivered the welcoming speech. The event, held at Chiangmai Centara Riverside Hotel, was attended by around 750 administrators, deans, heads of departments, institutes, centers and offices of Chiangmai University, Prince of Songkhla University and Khon Kaen University.

Prof. Pongrak Sribanditmongkon, M.D., Ph.D., President of Chiangmai University said in his welcoming speech, “Chiangmai University is pleased to hold this learning and sharing event for policies and working processes in different aspects that correspond to the visions and missions of each university. This event also leads to network building for cooperation in different jobs of the 3 universities. We are joining to integrate our power to meet the community, social and national needs, as well as to drive forward the macro-level economy and society.”

The event featured the opening of the art exhibition of the works of lecturers of KKU, PSU, and CMU; by the Presidents of the 3 universities. The next session was the MOU signing for the KKU-PSU-CMU learning and sharing collaboration (Let’s walk together). This session was followed by the talk about the policies and operations of each University and a special talk of “Govermental Higher Education Policy” by Dr. Kittipong Promwong, Director of the National Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Policy Council, which was of great interest among the participants.

The learning and sharing session for good practices was divided into 12 groups: 1) Research Utilization, 2) Future of Higher Education, 3) Talent Management and Staff Development, 4) Financial Management, 5) Student Mobility & Student Wellbeing, 6) Soft Power Creative Economy, 7) Digital Library, 8) Collaborative Network for Academic Integrity, 9) Voice of Customers (VOC System), 10) IT Technical (Digital Process Automation), 11) Carbon Neutral University, and 12) Retiree Club.

There was the transfer of the host flag to the next host of the “3 Powers for the Nation” Project. The 8th learning and sharing project of KKU-PSU-CMU will be hosted by Prince of Songkhla University. PSU is ready to provide the stage for the learning and sharing of the administrators of the 3 universities for learning of good experiences and practices and for developing collaboration of different faculties and organizations that will lead to organizational development in accordance with the context of each university. This event truly strengthens relationship of the 3 universities that will sustainably and continuously lead to concrete collaboration in the future.

News: Watchara Noichompoo

Photos: Nattapong Chamnan-ua, Attapong Hampong


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