GS KKU FAIR 2024 – presenting various awards of the year and advertising over 20 graduate programs

Saturday February 17, 2024 – Khon Kaen University Graduate School held the GSKKU Fair 2024 and the GS KKU Open House at the Northeast Science Park, Khon Kaen University. Prof. Kiatchai Fagsri, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School, delivered the reporting speech while Assoc. Prof. Charnchai Panthongviriyakul, M.D., President of Khon Kaen University presided over the opening ceremony. Over 500 people attended, including administrators, students and the public.

The GS KKU Open House was organized to provide program information to interested people, present students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, alumni and the public, so that they could learn more about the program of interest. In addition, the fair also presented new programs that answer the needs of the present-day society.

Prof. Kiatchai Fagsri, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School, Khon Kaen University said that the GSKKU Fair 2024, the Open House and presentations of different awards of 2024 were organized for the second year this year. It was the first time to add the Open House of the graduate programs with the GSKKU Fair. The Fair also featured conferral of awards to honor the students who had produced notable works that demonstrated creativity and competency in all dimensions. Their works, besides being outstanding, also benefit the people, society and the country. The event was a venue for students, lecturers, alumni and academicians to learn and share their experiences and create relationships.

“GSKKU Fair 2024 is joined by representatives from 20 faculties, 200 graduate students and 4th year undergraduate students; 39 applicants for 3-minute presenting of their theses (3MTC), 14 of which were screened and passed the criteria for the presentation contest today; 4 awards presentation of the notable alumni of 2023, 5 honorary awards of joint programs of 2023, 69 outstanding theses awards of 2023, 21 Hall of Fame awards and 14 awards for the winners of the 3-minute presentation of theses 2024.”

The Graduate School’s GSKKU Fair 2024 is organized every year. The activity showcases new graduate programs that answer the needs of the modern society. The event also provides the chance for attendants who are students, lecturers, alumni and the public to learn and share, discuss and build relationships. It was hoped that the attendants would bring the knowledge obtained from the learning and sharing to apply for the progress of their institutions.

The Graduate School’s GS KKU Open House featured a lot of activities, such as the 3-minute thesis presentation competition, award conferral upon outstanding alumni, homecoming of alumni, sharing of in-depth experience of masters’ degree and PhD degree students’ lives, booths from different faculties that provided information for continuing education at the masters’ and PhD degree levels. In addition, there was Mo Lam performance from Mo Lam Idol.

News: Rawiporn Saisaenthong



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