Welcome to NTDASIA2019

Welcome to the 5th Asian Neglected Tropical Diseases Conference (NTDASIA2019).

The Meeting theme this year, “International Research Network” will highlight international cooperation to tackle NTDs based on evidence-based research. The NTDASIA2019 scientific program will foster discussion and hopes to inspire participants from a wide array of themes to initiate collaborations within and across disciplines for the advancement of our field.

The various thematic sessions will showcase important scientific advances and highlight impacts of NTDs and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in a world of fast changes and complex interactions. The conference program will cover a large range of tropical diseases, especially those endemic to Asia including dengue, helminthic infections; bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases. The fields of the diseases include, but not limited to, epidemiology, biology, molecular biology, pathogenesis, clinical, vaccine & drug development and control.

We would like to strongly encourage NTDs academia and Tropical Medicine professionals from Asia and outside to join the conference. Your participation will add valued diversity and greater insight from endemic areas. To help facilitate your participation, the NTDASIA2019 will have no registration and other fees.

The conference will be held in NTDs endemic Khon Kaen, Thailand for two days conference plus a one-day workshop on integrated NTD control. Our website, www.ntdasia.org, has all the details you need to book your place, submit your abstract and find out more about the event. Register today at http://ntdasia.org/

We greatly look forward to seeing you at NTDASIA2019 in Khon Kaen, 7-9 August 2019!

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