KKU’s cooperative education students are ready to expand the vision working abroad

KKU’s cooperative education students are ready to expand the vision working abroad

Office of Cooperative Education, Bureau of Academic Administration and Development organizes simulated training session to prepare students before working in 6 ASEAN countries

    On Wednesday 24 July 2019 at 9 a.m., Office of Cooperative Education, Bureau of Academic Administration and Development organized training session on “Orientation for ASEAN cooperative education students.” Sixty students who are going to work in ASEAN countries are from 6 faculties – 19 from the Faculty of Agriculture, 8 from the Faculty of engineering, 7 from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1 from the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy, 16 from International Collage, and 9 from the Faculty of Integrated Social Sciences (Nong Khai Campus). These 60 students are going to work in ASEAN countries – 8 in Philippines, 7 in Malaysia, 17 in Lao PDR, 17 in Vietnam, 5 in Singapore, and 6 in Indonesia. This orientation and training session was aimed to inform university’s policy about performing cooperative education in foreign countries, how to behave, and learning to be skillful during cooperative education. At the opening ceremony at Sirikunakorn Building, Office of KKU President, Mr. Prasit Moonpia, a Senior Academic Officer and Acting  Head of Curriculum and Cooperative Education Program of Bureau of Academic Administration and Development, remarked report to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prapansak Chaveerach, Director of Bureau of Academic Administration and Development, who presided over the ceremony. Mr. Prasit Moonpia said, “Thailand has become a part of ASEAN Community and Thai government also see importance of Thai people’s practical education for working together with other people from different countries. Thai students can be trained through cooperative education providing simulated work setting in both domestic and international context. If there are exchange cooperative students among ASEAN countries, it will be beneficial to Thai students and local business having opportunities to associate with foreign students. All related parties can prepare for their future career. Therefore, Khon Kaen University has supported students to complete cooperative education in foreign countries with the budget from ASEAN Cooperative Education Project. The project gives students opportunity to experience working in ASEAN Community, and KKU students, lecturers, staff can learn working culture from ASEAN workforce to develop KKU students to be more skilled and ready for future career. It also allows enterprises learn working style of ASEAN people and improve labor at the same time.”

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prapansak Chaveerach remarked at the opening ceremony and orientation to inform ASEAN cooperative education students that, “Thailand is now a part of ASEAN Community, and it is the age of IT. Globalization has endlessly caused abrupt changes, so the world market is very competitive and people are eager to learn more. In ASEAN Community, there is collaboration in 3 aspects which are developing quality of education, expanding educational opportunity, and encouraging participation in educational services and management. As a result, no matter where the globalization leads us to, education is still a crucial subject that everyone should help developing for ASEAN and international community. Please apply what you have learned from this training to cooperative education at foreign countries. Knowing about your enterprise for cooperative education can make you feel confident, widen your vision, gain more professional experience, and improve yourself by working at public or private organization. Moreover, it allows the university and enterprises to strengthen relationship in the form of cooperative education aimed for the best mutual benefits.”

    After that there was a talk on “Sharing from Seniors: What Will You Experience During Cooperative Education” led by Mr. Jirasak Ketchan, the representative of senior students who enrolled cooperative education in 6 ASEAN countries. Next activity was “How to Apply for and Extend Visa for Cooperative Education” by Mrs. Wilawan Angsunantawiwat, a Senior International Officer, and  Miss Jariya Sa-nguanrat, an International Officer, International Affairs Division. Another talk was “What Should You know Before, During, and After Cooperative Education Enrollment” by Mr. Jirasak Ketchan and Miss Pohntip Soseeta from Curriculum and Cooperative Education Program. In the afternoon, there was a group activity in the topic of “Prepare for the Real Work Life” by Asst. Prof. Dr. Jongruk Hong-ngam and Khun Chuda Kasetpheuphon to make students confident and ready for cooperative education. 

Orientation for cooperative education has rooted from concerns for students who are going to enroll cooperative education in foreign countries. It focused on students’ safety, quality of performance, confidence, visions, and professional experience that is similar to that of full-time staff of each enterprise. The cooperative education will provide practical experience to students so that they can work efficiently consistent with Khon Kaen University’s mission aimed to produce qualified graduated for our society. 

KKU’s cooperative education students are ready to expand the vision working abroad


News / photos: Wadchara Noichompoo

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