Heartwarming Flag Handing Ceremony for KKU Batch 56 Freshmen

Heartwarming Flag Handing Ceremony for KKU Batch 56 Freshmen

At the ground of KKU 50th Anniversary stadium, KKU Student Union leads a group of 7,800 freshmen in singing the university anthem as the part of its annual ritual in freshmen welcoming.

On July 23, 2019, at KKU 50th Anniversary stadium, Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Panthongviriyakul (M.D.), an acting president of KKU together with administrator and teacher representatives and a total of 7,800 new KKU students took part in the annual ritual of singing the university anthem to mark an official welcome to the new batch students for the education year 2019.

The activity is held every year in order to promote the love of the institute to the new students. The activity is highlighted with the singing of the university song to which all KKU students have to participate to raise their spirit as an affiliation to the university while the sense of harmony is also endorsed.

Assoc. Prof. Chanchai Panthongviriyakul said the singing of the university song is an activity that has been conducted for a long time. It is better known as “Cheer Klang” (Central Cheer). The activity helps cultivate love and harmony among the new comers. It also a good start of retionship among the new students and their senior friends.


“I believe that every new KKU student is able of taking care of their learning and become academic successor on their own. It must, however, if we can have someone who can walk with along the way to the same destination that we share. Along the way to success, we have to struggle through various form of obstacles which can be too hard to solve individually. KKU care for the students well-being and convenient during their course of learning here with us. This activity is conducted as a tool to get the students to know the meaning of friendship and collective achievement that should be implemented via corporation from all. I wish you all will unite now and make the first collective achievement at KKU by joining together to chase the victory flag and figuratively be matriculated as a Batch 56 KKU students. Said President Chanchai.

Mr. Thakorn Lek-Udakon, a senior business student and KKU cheer leader 2019
Mr. Thakorn Lek-Udakon, a senior business student and KKU cheer leader 2019

Mr. Thakorn Lek-Udakon, a senior business student and KKU cheer leader 2019, said the Central Cheer activity is a stage that unites all KKU students, making impressive moment for all.

“The friendship and assistant that we have for each other can be the beginning for the future collaboration. This activity also marks the beginning of new good embark that the freshmen will have at KKU. On behalf of senior students, I would like to encourage the new students to have faith on what you are doing and put all potential that you have to achieve your goals. Believe that your hard work and best effort will always put you all through to your destination. Added Thakorn.

The singing of the university anthem was held on 22-23 July, 2019. The opening ceremony was on 22 July and the handing over of the Batch 56 Flag, marking the matriculation into KKU, was performed on 23 July.

Photos: Boripat Thasee
News: Rawiporn Saisaenthong

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