USAC Student, USA sharing love through “Khaow Ji” Thai Culture

On February 13, 2020 at 18.00 hrs. at Sri Than Lake. The USAC students, USA attend “ Boon Khaow Ji Valentine” with the objective of learning and exchanging Thai culture, multicultural combination through Khaow ji sharing love, and connecting a mutual relationship between Thai and West culture. Besides, in this event, there are many interesting activities such as Khaow Ji competition, cinema , and live music shows

The representative from USAC students: Mr.Devin Kohles, Ms. MacKenzie Burkhardt and Ms. Delaney Sullivan said that normally, on valentine’s day we always give chocolate, flower to our lover and sometimes we go for dinner, cooking , spend time with family or eat mommy’s chocolate. So it is quite different from Thailand that they have Khaow Ji tradition and make merit. For this event, we feel impressed and excited, especially when we cook Khaow Ji and make it become the heart shape. Also, we have an opportunity to practice teamwork. Next year, we definitely invite our friends to join this event and exchange experience here.

In addition, Boon duen saam (Third month tradition) is Isan people tradition which is always done on the third month or after Makabucha day. This event inherits and conserves Thai culture and also shares it to foreigners by valentine’s day.      

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