COVID-19 Assistance Measures for Students

According to the resolution of the university administration committee meeting, including KKU administration, the deans of all faculties and the Director of the Bureau, KKU has provided the Student COVID-19 Assistance Measures on April 27, 2020, as follows:

1. 10% refund of tuition fees: Students can make the request at their faculty; effective from the special semester 2019.
2.Extending tuition fee payment dates as follows:
2.1 Students can delay the payment of their tuition fees for up to 6 months and they can extend this for another 6 months (1 year in total) if it is necessary.
2.2 Students can delay their tuition fees by making up to 3 installments each semester.
3. Raising scholarships worth 75 million baht (45 million baht from KKU and 30 million baht from the faculties).
4. Raising student employment scholarships worth 25 million baht (15 million baht from KKU and 10 million baht from the faculties).
5. Reducing dormitory fees by 20% for central KKU dormitories, and coordinating with private dormitories to reduce fees by 10%.
6. Installing high-speed internet at the central KKU dormitories.
7. Requesting the 4 mobile internet network service companies of Thailand to increase high-speed internet for students as well as reduce the cost.
8. Apportioning a budget of 40 million baht to provide computers and tablets to students (20 million baht from KKU and 20 million baht from faculties).
9. COVID-19 Insurance for students. Students are eligible to receive additional assistance for medical fees up to 50,000 baht and receive an indemnity of 500,000 baht in case of severe sickness or death.

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