Office of Academic Service, KKU acknowledges people on mental health and new life styles

August 26, 2020 at Muang Pia Sub-district Administrative Organization, Banphai District, Khon Kaen – Office of Academic Service, KKU went out to give information to people related to mental health and the new normal of life as a result of Covid-19.

Mr. Weerapong Thesnoi

Mr. Weerapong Thesnoi, President of Muang Pia Sub-district Administrative Organization presided over the training project on “Mental Health during the Crisis of Covid-19 and the New Normal: from the lesson to care of “Sufficiency Economy Model Community”, which was Muang Pia Sub-district, Banphai District, Khon Kaen. Trainers were from Health and Hygiene Center 7, Khon Kaen: Khun Wathinee Janjaroen, Khun Piyamaporn Duangmontree and from Office of Academic Services KKU: Khun Bunyarit Sombatlai. 50 VHVs from Muang Pia Sub-district attended.

VHVs or village health volunteers take an important role in prevention of the spread of Coronavirus Covid -19. They take precautions in enabling the public to lead their lives according to the announcement of the National Contagious Disease Committee. VHVs have been trained to take care of the people and prevent themselves from contracting the virus. The training was also aimed at giving moral support to those who were operating in risk areas and made them informed of how to manage the environment effectively to avoid diseases.

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