U-School Mentoring – Upper Northeast University Network

September 27, 2020 at Miracle Grand Convention Hotel, Bangkok – Khon Kaen University as the node of the Upper Northeast University Network by Asst. Prof. Anucha Somabutr, Acting Director of Instruction Innovation Center joined in the presentation of media and innovation with 14 upper Northeast network universities in the 202 Conference on the Development of Education Quality and Locality with the network universities as the mentors. The concept of the conference was “U-School Mentoring – enhancing teachers’ potential, bringing knowledge to the community, preparing Thai people for the new era.”

The Development of Education Quality and Locality with the network universities as the mentors of 2020 has been ongoing with the upper Northeast university network taking care of the areas in 13 provinces. The work has been integrated and collaborated by universities, research institutions. It enables ajarns and researchers to come out of their laboratory to work in the real situation and assist in fulfilling basic education, leading it to quality life-long learning, teacher development for learners through innovation, the instilling of moral and disciplines, and enhancement of learning and systematic and sustainable local development. The work is expected to solve the problems and upgrade basic education of each area so that the instruction will be more efficient. There are 24 projects involving 246 schools, 2,212 teachers, and 22,942 pupils. This project is outstanding in its media and innovation and has been awarded the following prizes: an outstanding media production (for life-long learning), and an award of SAO LAO Model: KKU Smart Camp for Smart Kids and Teachers, the Thai Language Learning Innovation for Developing Literacy by Mahasarakham University, and English Fun & Fair from College of Asian Scholars.

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