KKU trains staff in stroke prevention

October 28, 2020, 9:30 a.m. at the First Floor of Galayanivadhananusorn Building, Srinagarind Hospital, – Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University organized training to develop staff members’ skills in stroke prevention. Assoc. Prof. Apichat Jirawutthipong, M.D., Dean of Faculty of Medicine made an opening address at the opening session.Assoc.Prof. Songsak Kiatchoosakun, M.D., Director of Srinagarind Hospital gave a reporting speech. The objectives were to train staff in health-enhancing skills for the patients and improve health care for the public, especially enabling them to know about and prevent stroke by themselves.

Assoc. Prof. Apichat Jirawutthipong
Assoc. Prof. Sompop Prathanee

Assoc. Prof. Sompop Prathanee, M.D., a specialist in cardiothoracic surgery of the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University expressed his feeling as a stroke patient that this disease is not severe if the patient can go to the hospital in time or as quick as possible when there are indications of stroke including inability of speak, having a stiff leg and cannot walk, and headache. The patient must seek assistance at once. When Dr. Sompop had the symptoms, he called 1669 and arrived at the hospital within 15 minutes. A specialist in stroke ordered a brain scan and prescribed thrombolytic in time. He was able to recover within 6 months. However, stroke patients should adjust themselves by avoiding risk behaviors, namely reducing tension, not taking fried food, and exercising regularly. More importantly, stroke patients should try to be optimistic and think positively. They must believe they can recover and can return to a normal condition.

Assoc.Prof. Songsak Kiatchoosakun

Assoc. Prof.Songsak Kiatchoosakun said that the activity is in accordance with the World Stroke Organization (WSO) that set October 29 of every year to be the World Stroke Day. Stroke or paralysis is one of the world’s health problems that ranks Number 2 in terms of mortality rate. The faster one knows about it, the better one will be able to prevent the disease and receive treatment within time.

The event featured a forum on “Know it quick, be cognizant of and prevent stroke” by Assoc. Prof. Sompop Prathanee, M.D., a specialist in cardiothoracic surgery and Assoc. Prof. Somsak Thiamkao, M.D., a neurologist and a stroke specialist from Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University and a session of safe-food cooking demonstration by the Research Institute for Human Capacity Development and Health Promotion.


News: Jiraporn Pratomchai


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