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The Faculty of Agriculture is one of the pioneering faculties and was officially established in 1965. Two years later the foundation on education and the opportunities for the young generations in the farther distances were vividly shaped up when the very first batch of 49 agriculture students continued to register and started to attend classes at Khon Kaen University. When Khon Kaen University opened in 1964, the Faculty of Agriculture (AG) was one of the original faculties. Today, there are 5 departments which offer 1 Higher Diploma, 11 bachelors, 21 masters, and 11 doctoral degrees. For more information, visit Undergraduate Programs and Graduate Programs or go directly to the departments listed below. AG builds leaders in and out of the classroom. The Internship Program and many industrial internships provide students with hands-on experience in legislative and commercial environments. More than 10 student clubs and organizations in AG offer chances to meet other students who have similar interests, to compete in inter-scholastic contests, and to gain leadership experience. With a degree from AG, career opportunities abound.  Distinguished alumni include members of the House of Representatives at the national level, sales representatives, biotechnologists, plant scientists, animal scientists, teachers and professors, magazine editors, fisheries biologists, landscape architects, and bank managers.

Master of Science in Agriculture
The objective of the curriculum of the Master Degree program in Agriculture is to develop the graduate to comprehend the fundamental knowledge and conduct research in order to solve the problems or synthesize knowledge, to analyze the problems and identify solutions in agricultural development, and to communicate and transfer agricultural technology. Other objectives include recognizing differences and work with others while maintaining a leadership role, being responsible to one’s self and to the society, and operating with integrity and professional morals. The Master of Science in Agriculture is a program of coursework and research designed to provide advanced training to supplement a first degree and to provide an introduction to research. The course work component is designed to provide advanced knowledge, and to develop a range of skills, applicable to the candidate’s background and area of interest.

The Ag research program is recognized nationally and globally for excellence in discovery and delivery of knowledge on current and emerging aspects of the food- feed, natural resources, environmental sciences, fishery and agricultural economics disciplines.

In keeping with research that addresses regional issues with national and global impact, Ag promotes and supports multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and inter-institutional research programs.

These programs address “real world” issues faced by producers, processors and consumers of food and natural resources. This allows the research to support programs in areas contributing to the local and regional workforce, sustainable economic and social development, and growth.

Sponsored funding generated per faculty is the highest of any faculty at Khon Kaen University.  Research programs within Ag are diverse and include:
 - Sustainable agricultural production and management systems
 - Biotechnology and precision agriculture
 - Food safety, security, and quality processing and value-added products
 - Natural resource management and planning
 - Agricultural marketing, trade and policy analysis
 - Human and social capital
 - Technology Transfer



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