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Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences
Khon Kaen University

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The Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences of Khon Kaen University was founded in 1978, as the first national medical technology school in Northeastern Thailand. Moreover, it was the first national physical therapy school in the region. The faculty currently offers undergraduate, postgraduate degree programs and international programs in response to a growing demand in the area of Medical Technology and Physical Therapy. The faculty pursues the vision to becoming “a leading Medical Technology and Physical Therapy institution in Thailand and ASEAN.”

The faculty continually endeavors to improve and to ensure that a range of disciplines, teaching methodologies, academic and research facilities, and activities reflect international standards.
Studying at AMS will prove both academically and personally rewarding.  Among our staff and students you will feel at home knowing that you are with people who share a common goal to make a full contribution to tomorrow’s exciting, and challenging world.

Research strength
Research at the faculty covers all kinds of traditional and modern physical therapies including the production of kits for medical diagnostic use in hospitals as well as basic medical science research. The Research institutes under AMS have risen through the ranks to become the foremost research institutes in Thailand such as The Centre for Research and Development of Medical Diagnostic Laboratories, Cardiovascular Research Group and The Back, Neck, and Other Joint Pain Research Group. Moreover, since 2009 the Faculty’s journal has been rated by the Thai Journal Citation Index Centre as the journal with the highest impact factor in the area of Medical Technology and Physical Therapy.
- Medical Science Program: Specialized Research Fields Thalassemia, Melioidosis, Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Biosenser, Microdevice, and Nanotechnology, Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis
- Physical Therapy and Human Movement Science: Specialized Research Fields Musculoskeletal Disorders, Neurology, Cardiopulmonary, Pediatrics, Elderly, Community, and Innovation
- Biomedical Science Program: Specialized Research Fields Molecular and Cellular Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Molecular Genetics, Parasitology, Pathology, Hematology/Thalassemia, Cardiovascular Diseases, Medical Nanotechnology, etc
- Medical Diagnostic and Clinical Laboratory Science: Focus on Thalassemia, Molecular & Cellular Immunology in infections and cancer and infectious diseases
- Musculo – skeletal disorders: Back pain, Neck pain, Knee and Shoulder pain in Ergonomics, Alternative treatment especially Thai massage, Manual therapy in Back and Neck Pain
- Elderly and disability: Exercise in the elderly and in the disabled population


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