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The Faculty of Dentistry was founded in 1979 as the first dental academic center in Northeastern Thailand. The faculty is dedicated to the training of competent dentists with research-oriented minds. The training is based on a wide range of contemporary patient care programs with holistic approaches. The most important goal of the faculty is to produce high-quality dentists, who will mostly be working in the Northeastern regional hospitals.
The dental curriculum is specifically designed in order to give the students the most practical settings. The dental academic program allows the students the flexibility to pursue their goals while achieving high standards. Graduate students also have the opportunity to combine their degrees in the basic science and dental specialties to meet their needs.
The KKU Dental Hospital offers comprehensive and first-rate oral health care to more than 80,000 patients a year including adults, children, and disadvantaged patients. Both simple and complicated patient care is delivered. The faculty has expanded its service capacity by opening a semi-private Special Care Dental Clinic which operates every weekday evening and on the weekends. In collaboration with community hospitals and charity organizations, one of our charity services, the Royal Mobile Dental Clinic, is scheduled on a regular basis throughout the year to provide dental treatments and oral health education to needy people in remote areas.

Doctor of Philosophy Program in Oral Health

The purpose of this Ph.D. program, which is open to both Thai and international students, is to develop researchers with a life-long desire to conduct research in oral science through scientific inquiry and innovative practice. Individualized plans of study allow each student to develop a depth of expertise and research capability in oral biology, material sciences or dental public health. The Ph.D. program in Oral Sciences emphasizes the integration of basic and applied sciences, leading to innovations in treatment and prevention of dental patients.

Master of Science Program in Prosthodontics
The primary goal of the master degree program in Prosthodontics is to develop practitioners who will be leaders in clinical practice and education by strengthening and extending their knowledge and skills in the biological, physiological, behavioral, moral, ethical, and clinical disciplines, as they relate to the specialty of Prosthodontics.

Master of Science Program in Orthodontics
The Program is designed to enable graduates to know and use the principles of evidence-based practice in the provision of quality orthodontic care for the community in collaboration with general dental practitioners and specialists from other dental and medical specialty disciplines.

Application of Thai herbal medicine in dentistry
Researches from our group at the Faculty, showed the in vitro and in vivo antibacterial actions of Streblus asper leaf extract on Streptococcus mutans (Taweechaisupapong et al, 2000; Wongkham et al., 2001), endodontic and periodontal pathogens (Taweechaisupapong et al., 2000; Taweechaisupapong et al., 2002). It has neither mutagenicity nor toxicity, as determined by Ames’ test and subacute toxicity tests in vivo, respectively (Wongkham et al., 1996). Moreover, our clinical trial demonstrated that mouth rinse containing S. asper leaf extract has a clinically measurable benefit on gingival health (Taweechaisupapong et al., 2002).Effectively reduced gingival inflammation, the extract solution can be used for subgingival irrigation in addition to scaling and root planing in chronic periodontitis patients(Taweechaisupapong et al., 2006). Recently, we successfully developed the gel containing S.asper leaf extract for subgingival administration as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis. Further clinical trials showed that S. asper leaf extract gel is safe and can reduce gingival inflammation. With the S. asper leaf extract gel, our group was issued the Thai petty patent No. 2141 on 15 November 2005 by the Department of Intellectual property, Thailand.
Associations between oral health and systemic diseases
Poor oral health is emerging as independent risk factors for several systemic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and adverse pregnancy outcomes (Cullinan et al., 2009; Pitiphat, 2008). Oral bacteria, or the inflammatory response to the bacteria, may cause systemic inflammation and more plaque buildup in the blood vessels (Tonetti, 2009), as well as induce insulin resistance and endothelial dysfunction (Mealy & Rose, 2008). Our faculty is engaged in studying the effects of oral bacteria on the host and how oral effects may influence systemic health. Currently, we have conducted a collaborative research with New York University to assess the association of maternal gum diseases with gestational diabetes mellitus. In another collaborative study with the University of Washington, we examine the effects of poor oral health on the incidence of ischemic stroke and quality of life in adults in Northeastern Thailand. This knowledge of these disease interrelationships may prove essential in intervention strategies to reduce patient risks and prevent the effects of systemic diseases.
Applied Science in Clinical Dentistry
Applied science, as crucial as basic science, reforms the knowledge from laboratory workshop to clinical practice. In our research center, various dental materials are studied in all of their aspects, both in the laboratory setting and in clinical trials, for the most efficient clinical application. Several types of innovative equipment and instruments have been developed to facilitate maximum treatment outcomes and have also been customized to suit our working environments.



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