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The Faculty of Education was officially established on 13 September 1968 in order to meet the increasing demand for qualified teachers throughout the country, to balance the educational quality between central and regional institutions, and to support educational and psychological research in the Northeastern region of Thailand.
Khon Kaen University Demonstration School
The Faculty of Education also provides management and advice to two demonstration schools which are based on a 12 year educational program of kindergarten, primary and secondary level of education. The demonstration schools, located on the campus of KKU, are recognized as having an instructional development base as well as a research and innovative educational programs that focus on the development of academic knowledge and abilities while preparing students for future educational opportunities.

Outstanding Programs
Mathematics Education

           Programs of Mathematics Education involve teacher professional development using Lesson Study and Open Approach and were the first institutions in Thailand to implement these innovations to develop mathematics teaching and learning. These programs prepare the mathematics teacher, mathematics curriculum developers, educators, researchers and the college and university mathematics education faculties.
           In 2011, The Bachelors Program in Mathematics Education of KKU was founded to be the first of ten programs of Thailand that most students needed to enroll in.
           In addition to interest in the use of Lesson Study and Open Approach and theories about the learning of mathematics, members of Mathematics Education faculty and graduate students also have been prompted to study and conduct research in mathematics curriculum development and evaluation, in mathematical understanding relating to teaching, and in the professional development of mathematics teachers. Collaborations in developing instructional management and research with leading international institutions and professional visiting professors are increasing. These learning and research activities have been conducted in accordance with The Center for Research in Mathematics Education (CRME), an outstanding mathematics research center in Thailand.
         Teaching assistantships also held by doctoral students have included teaching mathematics methods courses for prospective elementary and secondary teachers, and/or supervising pre-service teachers in early field experiences.
Bachelor of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) International Program – Dual Degree Program
       Since 2004, the Faculty of Education has organized a dual degree program in TESOL with foreign universities. The courses, which students register for at overseas universities and with which MOU has signed, will be granted and credits will be transferred to the program at Khon Kaen University.  Thus, teachers who graduate with a TESOL degree will develop their English skills to international standards, will be able to organize learning and teaching, and will be well-equipped with high morals and ethics and be well-versed in the teachers code of conduct. The students in TESOL program are also trained to form characters as specified under Khon Kaen University degree which emphasizes developing good attitudes toward learning and acquiring experience in their own profession in order that they can perform their jobs more effectively, can become prepared for an ever changing society, and can become sharp-minded, life-long learners with a keen eye for developing research opportunities.    
          Students in the TESOL program will be prepared to teach English as a second and foreign language through multiple means in order to satisfy national English curriculum standards. Students, who are exposed to English language and culture in their classrooms, in their communities, and in foreign language settings, will be well prepared to develop English language curricula and teaching materials, and to conduct classroom research and assessment to benefit their students and help them meet international standards. Additionally, students will be equipped with ethics, and morals as well as an inspiration for teaching.
Top Research
Lesson Study as an Innovation for Teacher Professional Development: A Decade of Thailand Experience

           During the 1970’s and 1980’s an open-ended approach emerged as a method to reform mathematics teaching in Japanese classrooms.  Since then this method has been spreading around the world. In the 1990’s lesson study, a Japanese style of professional development, became known in other countries. Since that time, Thailand has been undergoing an educational reform movement that began in 1999. Unfortunately, in the opinion of the author, it was not until the introduction of the LS process and the Open Approach into schools, that evidence of a major change appeared in the teacher classroom response to this educational reform. The introduction of Lesson Study into Thai schools has influenced not only the improvement of teaching practice, but has also improved the system of teacher education. A number of major changes have occurred during the last nine years since the introduction of Lesson Study and the Open Approach in 2002.   It has made a great contribution to the model of improving mathematics education in Thailand.
In 2002, the author introduced the ‘Open Approach’ using open-ended problems in mathematical activities with fifteen student teachers teaching in seven secondary schools in the city of Khon Kaen. The Lesson Study process was implemented implicitly without using the term ‘Lesson Study.’
In 2004 and 2005, the Open Approach was expanded to two districts in Khon Kaen Province. More than 800 teachers were trained to use open-ended problems in order to create rich mathematical activities in their classrooms.
From 2006-2008, the Center for Research in Mathematics Education started a long-term collaborative project with the Ministry of Education entitled “Improving Mathematical Thinking using Open Approach through Lesson Study Approach.”
In 2009, Lesson Study and Open Approach were implemented in 22 schools in Northeastern Thailand and in parts of Northern Thailand.  This was a collaborative project with the Office of Basic Education and the Office of Higher Education, Ministry of Education.
In 2010, sixty Mathematics Student Teachers on internships from Khon Kaen University and six Mathematics Student Teachers on internships from Chiang Mai University did practice teaching at 22 project schools.   
An assessment of Instructional Approach for Enhancing Competency of Attend Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Disability and Autism Groups   

This research, which was begun in 2006 and was completed in 2009, worked with 16 schools. These schools were divided into two groups of eight: 1) an experimental group and 2) a control group. The students in these schools passed through a screening process for people with AD/HD, L.D., and autism. The training model was developed by: 1) conducting needs assessment of teachers in target schools, 2) analyzing the needs and developing a training curriculum for administrators, school teachers, and parents, 3) having the teachers develop parallel lesson plans and implement them, and  4) making researcher visits, performing observations and reflecting with teachers, administrators and parents. The model included both a three-day Teachers Training and a one-day training for administrators and parents that focused on intervention techniques, curriculum development and the development of parallel lesson plans. This model showed that teachers felt confident in developing teaching material and in helping students with special needs in inclusive classrooms. The parents felt their children had learned from the process.


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