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Faculty of Law
Khon Kaen University

Website : http://law.kku.ac.th
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The Faculty of Law is offering a new course entitled, “New Law-dimension”.  The main goal is to produce lawyers who can apply their expertise in combination with other sciences.  Additionally, the faculty seeks to produce life-long learners who support human rights and exhibit high standards of professional morals.
The Faculty of Law is an institute teaching Law and Human rights in the Northeast.
“Prepare graduates in Law who will become magistrates.”
Faculty of Law, Khon Kaen University is the center for preparing personnel and developing knowledge both in law potentiality and professional skills ability and skill. Faculty of Law, Khon Kaen University sets up a virtue system and culture of human rights.
Bachelor of Law
Curriculum Objectives

 1. To train and prepare students in the field of law to obtain knowledge and an understanding of legal issues, to train students to be capable of  appropriately analyzing and applying knowledge to use in daily life, and to show students how to act ethically in their professional legal practices.
 2. To prepare graduates in law, who have both theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise, to efficiently apply the knowledge to different branches of the legal profession in government and in the private sector in order to achieve success.
 3. To prepare graduates in law who are steeped in the ethics of the law profession and who have respect for and are conscious of human rights.
 4. To foster cooperation and create a legal network with other educational institutions, professional institutions, and communities through teaching and learning, research, academic services, internships, building a culture of human rights, and giving advice and assistance to people with legal problems. To build a network in order to strengthen the body of knowledge in law in the Northeast and to yield concrete benefits to society.

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