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Faculty of Management Sciences
Khon Kaen University

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Since 1992 the Faculty of Management Sciences has offered fully accredited degrees in subjects directly related to the needs of business and management. More recently, the Faculty has expanded its role in better serving the regional community by holding seminars and offering consultancy services to local businesses.
Bachelor of Business Administration programs in Marketing (B.B.A. Marketing), Finance (B.B.A. Finance), Management (B.B.A. Management), and Tourism and Hotel Management (B.B.A. Hotel and Tourism Management)
The Business Administration program has prominent interdisciplinary courses in the context of Business Sector Management geared to our modern times.
Bachelor of Accounting Program
The Bachelor of Accounting program is a course which is designed for both the private sector and for government.
Bachelor of Economics Program
The Bachelor of Economics Program focuses on systematic analysis which includes intensive research.
Business and Economics Research

The research provides an in-depth examination in the fields of business and economics at all levels.
Cultural Tourism or Eco-Tourism Research
The research examines all tourism sectors which are consistent with the trends of World tourism.
Management Research
Management Research focuses on the private sector.


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