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Faculty of Technology
Khon Kaen University

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The Faculty of Technology was officially established in 1984 with the mandate to produce graduates, to carry out research and to provide academic services at national and international levels. The Faculty of Technology’s academic activities emphasize on four main areas; Geotechnology, Biotechnology, Food Technology, and Production Technology. The aim of the Faculty is to become the leader in Southeast Asia by providing high quality academic activities in the four fields offered.
Food Technology   focuses on strengthening the graduates in the area of basic principles of physical, biological, and engineering sciences used in the food processing industry. Current areas of study include physical, chemical, and biological changes of food raw materials and food products as well as principles of food engineering, food processing technology, quality assurance, and food products.
Biotechnology focuses on the principles of physical, biological and engineering sciences used in the processing of biological raw materials into value-added products. The areas of study include biochemistry, microbiology, genetic engineering, and bio-process engineering.
 Geotechnology provides fundamental knowledge and understanding in geology and its engineering applications. It comprehensively covers all aspects related to geological resources (i.e. soil rocks, minerals, natural gas, petroleum, and groundwater) which include characterization, exploration, evaluation, development, engineering, management, and environmental protection and remediation.

Screening and selection of useful microorganisms
Fermentation technology
Enzyme technology
Plant cell culture
Bio-fuel technology
Bio-remedial approaches for environments
Genetic engineering
Food Technology
Food process modeling
Food safety
Food product development
Meat and fishery product technology
Starch and cereal product technology
Sensory evaluation of food and consumer study
Ground water modeling for resource management and environmental investigation and control
Saline soil and water management
Engineering geology and geotechnical engineering
Remote sensing and application of Geographic Information System (GIS)
Earth material properties and its engineering applications
Mineral deposits and petrology
Production Technology

Quality assurance in manufacturing industry


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