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College of Local Administration
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The College of Local Administration or “COLA” offers a variety of curriculums from undergraduate to doctoral programs in order to accommodate national changes in terms of decentralization and public services. We offer three undergraduate courses as follows: Bachelor of Public Administration with a major in Local Government, Bachelor of Public Administration with a major in Fiscal Management, and Bachelor of Technology with a major in Construction and Urban Management.  Two postgraduate courses are offered including Master of Public Administration with a major in Local Government, and Master of Public Administration with a major in Police and Community Administration. One doctoral program, a Doctorate of Public Administration with a major in Public Affairs Management, is also offered.
Doctor of Public Administration in Public Affairs Management

DPA in Public Affairs Management is not only the first program related to the field of public affairs management in Thailand, but is also a collaborative program between three of the worlds’ leading universities, namely Khon Kaen University,  the University of Missouri-Columbia, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Master of Public Administration in Local Government
Being the first program of its kind to be run in Thailand, MPA in Local Government offers in-depth theories and practices regarding local administration and development for administrators and practitioners.
Bachelor of Public Administration in Local Government
BPA in Local Government aims at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of local governmental officers. The program offers fundamental and critical knowledge and the skills required for managing local organizations.
Local Governance

The majority of the master degree students are encouraged to transfer their tacit knowledge to one explicit area via conducting research. This key mechanism allows us to benefit from diverse, in-depth and applicable bodies of knowledge and to become the leading institution in the area of local governance in Thailand.

Administration Innovation of Thailand’s Local Governments
This research aims to seek the best practices and innovations in local administration organization nationwide.

Decentralization of Authorities to Local Government
This research aims to scrutinize the extent of decentralizing central authorities in local administration organizations.

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