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College of Graduate Study in Management
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College of Graduate Study in Management (CGSM), the first autonomous degree-granting unit within Khon Kaen University, was approved by the University Council in March of 1997. Prior to the inauguration of CGSM, the first batch of 60 MBA students enrolled at the Faculty of Management Science at Khon Kaen University in March of 1994.

To be consistent  and in alignment  with the Fourth National Higher Education Plan, , Khon Kaen University as an institution for higher education has implemented policies to support the development of Graduate Study and to meet the demands of the country and the region. The University Council approved the CGSM plan to organize MBA programs at the Bangkok Office in 2000.

Having  the ultimate goal to upgrade the administrative potential of the people in Thailand, CGSM  has committed to:  1) provide the educational opportunities at the graduate studies in management, 2) conduct and support  research related to business and administration, and  3) extend its role for community outreach.

As part of Khon Kean University, the University Council is the top governing body at the policy level for the whole university.  At CGSM, the Board of Directors play an important role at the policy-making level and the Executive Board governs CGSM at the operational level. The operation of CGSM is under the guidance of the Director and the Deputy Directors.
Master of Business Administration programs that are currently offered at CGSM, Khon Kaen University and CGSM at the Bangkok Office are the Young Executive Program and the Executive Program. These programs are two years in duration and are divided into four areas of concentration as follows:
 - Entrepreneur
 - Business Leadership
 - Health Care Management
 - Industrial Management
The executive MBA program is designed for those who wish to maintain their career responsibilities as well as to enjoy their educational opportunities.
All courses and other required activities are conducted during weekends. This course is well suited for talented and ambitious managers, entrepreneurs and others with working experience who wish to gain knowledge and experience to broaden their potentials through practical career development.

The Young Executive MBA program is operated during the weekdays, and is exclusively designed for new university graduates or those with less working experience who can devote themselves to study on a full time basis. This course is designed for middle managers and young entrepreneurs.

Results of Appreciative Inquiry Development under the Community of Practice – The understanding of Gender intelligence of Thailand Appreciative Inquiry Network Impact of Organization Development Interventions on Human Capital: A case study of Thailand Appreciative Inquiry Network

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in the Community of Practice (CoP) has been developed under the Thailand Appreciative Inquiry Network (website: www.aithailand.org.)  It focuses upon publicizing papers and providing consultation in the AI concept to interested individuals from all occupations, educational levels, positions, and institutions. At present, there are 202 permanent members. AI is an art of positive inquiry based on the assumption that in every paradigm, individual, or organization, there is at least a hidden matter waiting to be disclosed and extended for the owner’s advantage. This concept can be applied in many disciplines, no matter whether they are administration, medicine, engineering, or knowledge management.

AI Community Thailand has its mission to create, coordinate, carve, consecrate. “Create” means create personnel with knowledge and understanding who will be able to develop AI project in organizations through free consultation with community experts. “Coordinate” means coordinate experts in various fields to join and support AI projects to the community. “Carve” is promoting the community people to apply AI in different disciplines without limitation. “Consecrate” means promoting provision of knowledge in order to reduce the cost of access to knowledge among people in the society.

Characteristics of Management Integration Leaders
A case study of collaboration Integration between Police and Soil Expertise Volunteers: The study of management integration of Leaders: a case study of collaboration Integration between Police and Soil Expertise Volunteer (Research funds of Regional Police Area 4)

An Empirical Investigation of Transition Management in Public Healthcare to e-Medicare: A Case Study of Thailand. The proposal provides for information management transition to hospitals in the digital age and prepares for the readiness of future hospital services and the dissemination of information in the Health System Research institute (HSR).


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