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The Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University was founded in 1971 and was established as the fourth among several faculties in the university. The Faculty of Nursing is recognized as the first Faculty of Nursing in Thailand.  It has been ranked one of the top five nursing schools in Thailand for more than three decades. Students in our programs can experience quality of nursing education, rich cultures, languages, social lives, and the historic city of Khon Kaen. From its inception, the Faculty of Nursing, Khon Kaen University has had clear and definite goals, which are in
alignment with those of Khon Kaen University, as listed below:
 1. An institute that produces graduates at different levels in the area of nursing with a standard of quality demanded by society.
 2. The center of professional nursing education at all levels in the Northeastern region of Thailand.
 3.  A network of nursing knowledge and innovation in response to the health care needs of individuals and communities at the local, regional, national, and international levels.
4. The center of knowledge in nursing implementation, development, and in solving health problems in the Northeast.
The Bachelor of Nursing Science Program: BNS Program (International Program)

The BNS program is designed to prepare graduates for professional nursing practice in hospitals, communities, and other health care agencies. This is a 4-year program which focuses on the development of critical thinking and judgment, the understanding of holistic health and nursing practice, health systems and economics, nursing and interdisciplinary care, and communication in a variety of health care settings. As graduates from Faculty of Nursing, KKU, nurses will be able to practice in a variety of settings in caring for individuals, families, populations and communities throughout their life spans, including the end of life.  Applicants who have a completed high school diploma from a science and mathematics based program of study are eligible to enroll in this program.

Master of Nursing Science Program: MNS Program (International Program)
The MNS program (international program) is designed to prepare its graduates for advanced nursing practice and research in care management in various health care settings. The program objective is to develop graduates who can advance nursing knowledge and can provide quality nursing care services of its own culture. Students in the MNS program are educated through research and advanced nursing practice. The completion of a thesis forms a major component of the program. Each student will work closely with his/her main advisor to foster a positive learning environment, since it is the joint responsibility of the instructor and the learner to work toward common goals of creating nursing models for the best practice. Thesis advisors are selected to be a good match with stated interests of the master’s students. Areas of thesis research include adult nursing, community nursing, family nursing, pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, nursing administration, aging, and midwifery nursing.
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Nursing (International Program)
The Ph.D. in Nursing (International Program) is designed to prepare its graduates for leadership roles and research careers in academics, the health care industry, and in government and private organizations focused on health care. The program objective is to develop scholarly researchers who will advance nursing knowledge and become leaders in nursing research. To achieve the objective, students in the Ph.D. in Nursing (International Program) are educated through seminars, tutorials, and independent research. The completion of a dissertation forms a major component of the program.
To foster and facilitate excellence in nursing research, the Faculty of Nursing of Khon Kaen University has established five research centers. Listed below are the three most famous research centers:
 1. Center for Research and Training on Gender and Women’s Health
 The Center for Research and Training on Gender and Women’s Health (CRTGWH) is unique in Thailand in that it represents a gathering of researchers and graduate students working on gender and women’s health with a strong interest in both basic and applied research and training. Its objectives are to:
 - Undertake research on gender and health and to disseminate research findings.
 - Organize trainings for trainers on gender sensitivity related research methods and to develop related protocols to reduce health inequities.
- Provide distance learning that promotes knowledge and tools to support skills for engaging and networking on gender and women’s health.
 - Develop a Gender, Women and Health Network (GWHN) among experts in the region to strengthen related research and training.
 Importantly, the CRTGWH has been officially designated by the World Health Organization as a WHO Collaborating Center for Research and Training on Gender and Women’s Health. This center will provide significant research, education, and training with the ultimate goal to improve the health of women and contribute to achieve health equity.
 2. Center for Research and Development in Community Health System
The Center of Research and Development in Community Health System has been established to foster and facilitate research related to community health systems and to promote the development of research skills in this area to faculty, research staff, and postdoctoral trainees. The Center for Research and Development in Community Health System was established in 2008 as a way to strengthen the Department of Health (Promotion Foundation).  The Office supported the creation of local health and community responsibility for the community-driven health plan in 2009 - 2011 required by the Board of Nursing of Khon Kaen University in the establishment and development of community health centers. An academic center in the Northeast to conduct research and development of community health follows the aims of the plan.
1. To create knowledge in the development of organizations in the Northeastern District and to drive public policy.
 2. To promote the exchange of learning and practice.
 3. To develop the capacity of local people also.
 3. Research and Training Center for Enhancing Quality of Life of Working-age People
 The Research and Training Center for Enhancing Quality of Life of Working-age People has been established to conduct research in the area of enhancing the quality of life for people of working-age and to create the research network in this particular area at both the national and international level. The vision of the center is to create new knowledge to enhance the well-being and quality of life for working age people in Northeastern Thailand and the Greater Mekong Sub region. It also aims to facilitate the use of research-based knowledge through multiple dissemination approaches and to provide training to develop research skills relevant to providing care of working-aged populations.


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