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Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Khon Kaen University

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The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in 1980 with certain key missions. Our primary mission is to educate and train professional pharmacists for careers as health care providers in communities (drug stores), hospitals, and industrial pharmacies. Additionally, our mission is to train pharmacists to conduct pharmaceutical research and to provide technical services and pertinent pharmaceutical information for both the private and government sectors.
Khon Kaen University’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is a publicly funded academic institute. In accordance with the Fourth National Social and Economic Development Plan, the faculty was established in December 1980 and  has been meeting the growing needs for higher education in pharmaceutical science for  people of the Northeast and nationwide.
Medicinal Plants

Many medicinal plant research topics involve their structural elucidation, in vitro and in-vivo bioactivity e.g. antibacterial activity, antityrosinase, anticholinergic activity, anti-beta amyloid aggregation, acetylcholine esterase inhibition, cytotoxicity, anti-aging, animal behavior models for investigation of Alzheimer diseases, plant biotechnology in pharmaceutics, drug interactions with herbs, functional food as well as cosmetics and pharmaceutical product development.
Material Sciences
Research in this area is focused on nanocomposite physical characteristics of pharmaceutical materials and drug delivery systems.
The major research topics on this area are pharmacy benefit management, national drug accounts, and economic evaluation of drug utilization.
Pharmaceutical Care
Research in this area is normally performed by conducting studies in collaboration with physicians and nurses.  Such research is conducted in the following areas:  the easy asthma clinic in primary health care units, drug related problems, patients’ quality of life, clinical outcomes, pharmacokinetic and drug monitoring, drug interaction of meropenem and valproic acid on epileptic patients, and clinical trials on particular herbs or drugs that reduce the side effects of cancer treatments.


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