Application to Study

in Khon Kaen University

Application to Undergraduate Programs

School students who are interested to enroll into Khon Kaen University at an undergraduate level can follow the University’s Announcements, which are available from the following channels:
1. Website: KKU Admissions:
2. Facebook: Enrollment into Khon Kaen University:
3. Asking for information on Line Official Account at: @396jfvyn
4. Twitter: @KKUAdmissions
5. e-mail:
6. Contact by telephone: Tel. 09 5671 6259 and 09 56694704
7. The central Khon Kaen University landline: Tel. 0 4300 9700

Application to Graduate Programs

Khon Kaen University opens many programs at Master Degree level, Graduate Diploma level, and Doctorate Degree level. The institution responsible for application into these programs is the Graduate School of Khon Kaen University.
If interested, please follow the Website:

Location: 3rd Floor, Bimala Kalakicha Building, Khon Kaen University, Muang District, Khon Kaen Province 40002. Tel. 0 4320 2420, Fax: 0 4320 2421.

In addition, there is the College of Graduate Study in Management (MBA KKU) that receives direct application. Visit the Website:
Tel. 0 4320 2143 – 4

Foreign student

Any foreign student who is interested to study at Khon Kaen University may contact the Division of Foreign Affairs, Office of the President, Khon Kaen University, or contact directly at the Faculty the student wants to enroll.

4th Floor, Bimala Kalakicha Building, Khon Kaen University ,123 Mitraparp Highway, Khon Kaen , 40002, Thailand.

Tel : 66-4320-2059 Fax: 66-4320-2498

Website of different faculties:

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