1. Bachelor deegree

Khon Kaen University offers three tracks of study to international students: non-degree, undergraduate, and graduate study. The non-degree programs include short-course training, continuing education courses, workshops, and other activities related to research or to Khon Kaen University’s activities. International students, who are interested in registering for a regular course at Khon Kaen University, but do not intend to earn a degree, may also apply for a non-degree track. The application process and acceptance to a non-degree track depends upon the faculty, institution, or organization which is responsible for the particular non-degree course.  International students, who are interested in applying for an undergraduate track, should contact the KKU International Relations Office (http://ird.kku.ac.th/) to obtain the application information and application form.  The completed application form should be submitted to the International Relations Office. Acceptance to the undergraduate program depends upon the committee of the faculty to which the program belongs. International students who are interested in applying for graduate study should contact the Graduate School (http://inter.gs.kku.ac.th) directly. The acceptance depends on the Graduate School Committee with consent from the faculty/department to which the problem belongs.

Academic Semester
 1st Semester: June – September
2nd Semester: October – March

Estimated Annual Expenses for Tuition Fees
Undergraduate: $1,200 – $6,300 USD
Graduate: $900 – $3,000 USD

2. Graduate School Khon Kaen University

3. College of Graduate Study in Management Khon Kaen University 

4. The College of Local Administration


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