Scholarships for new students

KKU receives approximate 9,000 new students each year; mostly residents of Northeastern Thailand. Many new students are financially disadvantaged and struggle for financial support but are very capable with good grades, to encourage these students, Khon Kaen University’s policy is to provide opportunities for low income students with financial support and scholarships.

There are several different means of obtaining financial aid, including scholarships, government student loans and private sector aid.

  • Student Loan / Funds for Education are provided by the government to help financially disadvantaged gifted students to obtain a bachelor's degree. For information, please call 084-4285994 or 043-202380   KKU internal hotline 42323. Website:   http://
  • Scholarships granted from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on the occasion of 40th anniversary year of Khon Kaen University.
  • Funds donated by private sectors’ donors for student studies at the KKU
  • Funds for supporting students’ lunch, these are such as Charoen Pokkaphan Group and Affiliates, and General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh

Apart from these, • there are also emergency loans provided to students. For more details, please contact the University’ welfare services, Division of Student Affairs. Phone 043-202356 or KKU Internal call 11974 and

The University also provides financial aid and scholarships for post graduate students.

  • Scholarships for graduate study provided by the Graduate School.
  • Scholarships provided from various organizations in the KKU

The Graduate Studies School has supported scholarships for post graduate students for research or thesis work. These scholarships are allocated annually more than 20 million baht for all six categories.

1. Fund for supporting the thesis conduction:

This Fund allocates 6.5 million per year to promote/ encourage them with the good quality of research and development work.

  • PhD thesis, not more than 100,000 baht per subject.
  • Master Degree thesis, not more than 50,000 baht per subject.

Conditions:  The thesis subjects and proposals should have been approved already.

Application is 2 times a year scheduled for the beginning of June and at the end of the semester around November each year.

2. The Fund to support and publish thesis work and independent study:

Terms condition:  thesis / independent study proposals must be approved before hand.

Number of approved funds areas follows:

  • PhD. students could ask for funds two times
  • Post graduate (Master's Degree) students can obtain the fund one time

The Graduate s School’s executive Board' for the Fund management, will help  determine candidates funds three times a year and the application will be opened  in April, August and December  each year, according to their  work  presentations.

Table of the expenses on presentation of work at academic conferences

Type of presentation

Conference level

National level

               International level

Conference held in Thailand

Conference held in abroad.

1) Oral Presentation

5,000.- baht

15,000.- baht

30,000.- baht

2) Poster presentation

3,000.- baht

10,000.- baht


3) Journal and publication

20,000 baht

3.  Financial support to students at graduate studies level for their research studies abroad

  • Thesis proposals must have already been approved.
  • He or she has not received any funds/ financial supports for his or her research studies abroad before
  • The researchers can study abroad for at least 4 weeks.

The next table of expenses on group of countries that the educational institutions are located

The costs are for airfare/ and / or vehicles fare, room accommodation, allowances (perdium) and others paying as a lumpsum at the rate of (Baht) as follows.





In Asia except  No 2, and No  3



India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia



China, Korea, Hong Kong,Taiwan, West Asia  



Japan,Australia, New Zealand, East Europe,        



West Europe , USA , Canada



Others are under budget allocation and discretion of the working committee

Applications are opened 2 times a year around September and March of each year, based on the period of activity days in abroad.

Students work schedule


Period of work operations



June  -  September



November – February


4. Financial Support for Teaching Assistants (TA):

This funding will help support teaching assistants and comes from the Development Fund for Post Graduate Studies.  This is also with the teaching period of not less than 10 hours per week but not over 12 hours per week. This fund provides 4000 baht per month for a period of 8 months per year costing 3,200 baht per scholarship

A working agency recruiting students will award the funds as teaching assistant (TA).

5. Funds to support research conduction for thesis or independent study:

Conditions to apply:

  1. They are not receiving nor have not received any scholarships for research study from both inside and outside KKU, while they are studying at the Graduate studies level.
  2. Preapproved thesis or independent study proposals. These funds are allocated two times a year for all 75 scholarships; each fund is worth 5,000 baht for the first and second year semester

Application opens around June and November each year.

6. Research Funds for lecturers/ instructors at the Graduates Studies level

For highly capable students with ability and high potential to study in the curriculum for research in the field of their expertise.These lecturers/ instructors submit their project proposal asking for funds from about 20 scholarships per year with a budget of 7.5 million baht (see details in the application form)

The funds to be allocated for these lecturers/ instructors at the Graduate s Studies are divided into two categoriesof the applicants

  • Funds for Postgraduate lecturers/instructors (Master’s Degree level). This fund is worth not more than 250,000 baht for the whole curriculum (not more than two year semesters)
  • Fund for - PhD level, thisscholarship is not more than 500,000baht (for the whole program of not more than 3 year semesters)

Application opens around September of each year

For more applicationdetails and conditions, contact   Tel 0-4320-2420  Fax: 0-4320-2421  E-mail to the Graduate School and can download the application form at:   For more information, please also visit the Graduate School.

Scholarships from various organizations and agencies:

Khon Kaen University has support services agencies for study and research by students, providing full data, materials, equipment and funds at the research centers for excellence and specialists group of more than 20 centers including

1. Groundwater Research Center, Facultyof Technology, KKU

Apart from studies and research conduction, the Center also supports students from Bachelor’s Degree (undergraduate students), Master’s Degree and Doctorate degree, in term of data, tools and equipment, and funs. For more information, please go to:

2. Melioidosis Research Center that supports funds for research studies of the graduate students for their studies under the integrated procedure.  Please see:

3. Applied Taxonomic Research Center, Faculty ofScience. Read more at:

4. Center for Research on Plurality in the Mekong Region (CERP) that supports research studies at the graduate studies level, linking and creating networks between research works and teaching process at the national and international level. Read more at

5. Tropical Feed Resources Research and Development Center helps to produce researchers and graduates that is consistent with the Faculty of Graduate Studies policy and with ability to do research conduction and study so that they could develop technology for use in tropical feed resources. See more at:

6. Herbal Health Products (CRD-HHP) Research and Development Center, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Khon Kaen University supports graduates from the concerned curriculum to do more research specializing in producing herbal health products to help create more opportunities and develop the potential of the post graduate students’ thesis under the membership of the Center. See more:

7. The Center of Excellence for Environmental and Hazardous Waste Management helps develop the quality of personnel and produce graduates knowledgeable in environmental and hazardous waste management, as well as promotetheir research on concrete waste management. The Center’ specialists would help transfer technology and bodies of knowledge to societies both public and private sectors and communities.  Read more at:

8.  Sustainable Infrastructure Research and Development Center that supports research studies at the Doctorate and Master's degree level.  Read more at: http

9.  Plant Breeding Research Center for Sustainable Agriculture helps develop the nation‘s human resources on plant breeding as a way to create more plant breeders who could build up more technology on plant breeding. The center will produce graduates with bachelor degree, master degree and doctorate degree.  Read more at

10. Fermentation Research Center for Value Added Agricultural Products helps produce specialized and knowledgeable personnel for research process and production development including fermented food, alcohol, fermented liquors and distilled alcohol with high quality. This is a part of thesis work of the Master's Degree and Doctorate Degree students. Read more at

11.  Research Center for Agricultural Machinery and Postharvest has developed personnel on agricultural machines and postharvest along with research and development for the Master's Degree and Doctorate degree levels.  Read more at.

12. Liver Fluke and Cholangiocarcinoma Research Center.

13. Center for Research and Development of Medical Diagnostic Laboratories has supported learning, teaching and research at the high level of the Faculty of Medicine, read more at:

14  Regional Centre for Geo-Informatics and Space Technology, Northeast Thailand see more at:

15.  Research and Development Center of Autistic Inclusive Education of the Demonstration School, KKU. Read more at:

16. Integrated Nanotechnology Research Center, Khon Kaen University is established as a center for education, research and knowledge transfer using tools and equipment which are updated andit also offersguidelines on how to do appropriate research to researchers. For those who are interested in medical applications in variousfields from pharmacy, science and engineering, to help develop the country's competitiveness on science and technology.  Readmore at

17.  Research and Diagnostic Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases:(RCEID), Faculty of Medicine, KKU, supports  students at the Post graduate studies level,  for the concerned program and  curriculum on research conduction specializing  in  diagnostic  for emerging infectious diseases .See more at:

18. Research Center for Cleft Lip and Palate patients under the Tawanchai Foundation, KKU   treatspatients with craniofacial problems in Asia. The Center aims at working on education, research, andservices that are up to standard to help patients. See more at
19. Research and Development Center for Integrated Water Resources Management aims to develop the human resources with bodies of knowledge and techniques of the management under the good governance in the Northeast region. Read more at:

20  Osteoporosis Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, KKU  is the  resources of knowledge with medical lecturers/ instructors team consisting  those from  different  departments of  Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Medical Science, and rehabilitation medicine. These are involved with treating patients with Osteoporosis. Students work to jointly develop learning and teaching processes in term of integration development about Osteoporosis basedon students as focal point. Read more at

21. Center for Alternative Energy Research and Development, Khon Kaen University supports research and promotes learning and teaching development at the graduate studies level for both Master's Degree and doctorate degree level. It also operates research activity and academic support services on alternative/ renewable energy and energy technology for the concerned working agencies both in public and private sectors. Read more at

22. The Center for the Promotion of Quality of Life of those of Working Age at the Faculty of Nursing conducts research and create more research workand Networking. The Center is the source of the exchange of academic learning and research practices that leading to the Promotion of Quality of life for people’s working age at the regional, national and international levels. Read more at

23. Research Center for Innovation and Intellectual Technology, Educational Technology Program, Faculty of Education.  See more at

24. Center for Research in Mathematics Education (CRME), Faculty of Education helps develop and practice teaching systems in mathematics andalso create research work that aims to help solve the problemsand improve learning and teaching mathematics inschool level for both in the country and in the Greater Mekong sub regionmember countries.  Read more at:

25. Research Center for Mekong Regional Tourism (ReCMeRT) aims to help develop and improve the database system for tourism and decision making indeveloping tourism in the Greater Mekong sub Region level, and for research development at the graduate studies of the tourism potential and creating a body of knowledge of the GMS countries. See more at:

26. Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/U CRC) in HDD Component, Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University Read more at

27. Geo-informatics Center for Development of Northeast Thailand. See more at:

28. Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center for Sustainable Economy (ABCSE). Read more at:

29. Research and Development Network Center for Animal Breeding (Native Chicken)   Read more at:

Apart from these, there are also the funds and scholarships available for specific departments  as well as those contributed  from outside KKU; such as funds from the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, The Office of National  Science and Technology Agency (NSTDA.),  the Office of Thai  Research Fund (TRF),  the Royal Golden Jubilee PhD. Program, and other funds for developing university personnel at the Master’s Degree and Doctorate degree level in the field of Biotechnology at the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC).

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