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KKU doctors warn about PM 2.5, which can affect health

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anakkapong Panmanee from KKU Department of Medicine said PM 2,5 can deteriorate health – people should avoid being in open areas while KKU will give out masks

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KKU holds the 3rd Social Responsibilities – to upgrade Isan people’s quality of life – a lot of people attend

Khon Kaen University organized the “The 3rd Social Responsibilities” event, where people crowded to attend at Sirikunakorn Building

6 ก.พ. 2562    Raviporn Saisaenthong    28

KKU holds a meeting to discuss improvement of Khon Kaen retail shops by attractive design

Faculty of Architecture of Khon Kaen University held a forum to discuss ways to improve Khon Kaen retail shops, at Sim Building of the faculty

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KKU receives Thailand Quality Class Award for its excellent management

KKU is entitled the recipient of Thailand Quality Class (TQC) Award 2018 for its excellent administration, the award presentation ceremony was held at Thailand Quality Award Office, Bangkok.

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Over 100,000 people have paid respect to Luangpor Koon's body

Massive crowd have consistently flown in to pay respect to the body of the well-respected Luangpor Koon's body on the sixth day of the royal cremation ceremony held at KKU's Kanjanapisek Hall.

27 ม.ค. 2562    Raviporn Saisaenthong    16

KKU’s grand Isan Agricultural Festival 2019 begins

Faculty of Agriculture and Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives organize opening ceremony of Isan Agricultural Festival 2019 at Agricultural Technology Park, Khon Kaen University

25 ม.ค. 2562    Raviporn Saisaenthong    78

50,000 people have attended in day2 of the cadavers cremation rite

The royal cremation ceremony for the cadavers held by KKU still attracts massive crowd. Over 50,000 people were reported to attend the rite on its day 2 operation, yielding a 1.2 baht donation.

23 ม.ค. 2562    Raviporn Saisaenthong    52


รายละเอียดการจองเป็นเจ้าภาพสวดพระอภิธรรม พิธีพระราชทานเพลิงศพครูใหญ่ และครูใหญ่พระเทพวิทยาคม (หลวงพ่อคูณ ปริสุทฺโธ) เป็นกรณีพิเศษ ระหว่างวันที่ 22-28 มกราคม 2562

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Mo Lum Mania, from research to film showing pride of Mo Lum in Isan

KKU associating with Sahamongkolfilm organizes press conference present “Mo Lum Mania, developed from research on roots of culture into the film for soul” on January 15, 2019

20 ม.ค. 2562    Raviporn Saisaenthong    80

KKU hosts the 9th University Student Council meeting – 34 universities join

Khon Kaen University hosted the 9th Thailand University Student Council meeting at Sarasin Room, 2nd Floor, Sirikunakorn Building, Khon Kaen University on January, 2019

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