Mechanical Engineering students won prize in boat design competiton

Students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering win award in the Handmade Ship Model Contest 2015.
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24 มิ.ย. 2558    Jarunee Nuanboonma

         On the 29th of May until the 6th of June 2015 Dr. Nanteewat Pondee, lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Asst. Prof .Dr. Thana Sasapakdee, lecturer at the Industrial Engineering Department led 26 students of year 2 to compete in the 2015 International Student Contest in Handmade Ship Models held at the National Kaohsiung Marine University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There were a total of 10 teams which competed. The Veronica Hulk-Buster is the work of Mr. Pattawat Baosri, Mr. Prarot Faling, Mr. Titiphat Weeraphan, Mr. Kornwitch Sriwattanapidikun, Miss Muanfan Puakrai and Miss Patimaporn Takchinai, students in year 2 who won the second prize in the ROV category and the Power of Girls team competed in the ROV category with the work created by Mr. Prachuab Buapetchorn, Miss Suthinee Wiangda, Miss Niphaporn Ayuwat, Miss Natda Kanlayaprasit, Miss Sotporn Areeyakun and Miss Wisuda Yongprayut, students of year 2 who won the referee award.

         Mr. Pitawat Buasiri, representative of the Veronica Hulk-Buster team said about the concept used in the design of the boat that it resembles a turtle shell which is made up of hexagons. We also used the design of crab claws. The dive system of the boat uses a balloon and plastic bottles. We put the balloon in the plastic bottle and punched holes. When we inflate the balloon the water is pushed out of the bottle which makes the boat float.

         Mr. Prachuab Buapetchorn, representative of the Power of Girls team said about the concept of the design that they used the idea of a squid but changed it a bit using air instead of water to move the boat. They used a siphon pipe which moves the water which makes the squid float. We attached a hose and when air is pumped in the boat will float; when the air is let out, the boat will sink. There also are two water pumps in the stern which act to steer the boat just like a squid again.

          The Faculty of Engineering Khon Kaen University congratulates the students’ success winning the awards in the competition abroad and for creating a good name for the faculty.

Information: Aekporn

Author: Charunee


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