KKU campaigns for “Healthy, Safety, and No Chemicals”

Office of Academic Services and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences organized training on dangers from chemicals and health on July 14, 2017
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14 ก.ค. 2560    Prapaporn Khanchai

          On July 14, 2017 at Nathiteerasathit Temple, Ban Kong, Nong Rua District, Khon Kaen, Office of Academic Services, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences went to Nathiteerasathit Temple, Ban Kong, Nong Rua District, Khon Kaen to give 70 villagers and farmers knowledge on “Danger from the Use of Pesticides (the 13th time) and the “Healthy, Safety and No Chemicals” project.


          Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sakda Daduang, head of the project explained its objectives, “This is the 13th year the project has been organized to raise villagers’ awareness of the danger from the use of chemicals kill pests in vegetable and plant plantations because the effects will be on both the user and the consumers. Villagers are also explained how to do away with chemicals accumulated in the body.”

          Mr. Wichaya Chuaysiri, Vice President of Ban Kong Sub-District, the chairperson of the event conveyed the thankful speech to Office of Academic Services and the speaker teams who see the importance of health of the farmers in Ban Kong area, and promised that he would encourage farmers to lessen the use of chemicals for their own and consumers’ health.

          At the end, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khomsorn Lomthaisong, Deputy Director of Office of Academic Services said to the villagers, “This activity is part of the academic service project of 2017. The project aims at integrating knowledge from lecturers and students of Faculty Pharmaceutical Sciences and Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences.”

The activity in the morning was collecting blood sample of the farmers and villagers in Ban Kong area by Assoc. Prof. Jureerat Daduang, students and officers. The samples were taken to analyze the toxin from pesticides. Measurement of liver and kidney functions were also investigated. The data obtained will be useful for surveillance of chemical usage among farmers.

The next activity featured a lecture, questions and answers, and games by officers and students.


News/Photographs: Chalee Phrom-in


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