Architecture students of KKU represent Thai students for a contest in Japan

5 Architecture students are joining the contest in Japan with representatives from 9 more countries. Five works of Architecture students from a total of 20 pieces were selected.
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         On November 10, 2017, Japan Foundation, Bangkok Thai PDA announced the result of ASPaC -Thailand: Asia Student Package Design Competition 2017. The work of Tarakorn Khamthon, a student of the industrial design major, “Cactus for clothes”, has been selected as one out of 4 to represent Thailand and participate in a workshop and contest with other 9 countries’ representatives. Besides, 5 pieces of works of students from the same major were selected out of 20 to the contest in Japan: Cleanmon by Natchaya Thaithae; Allenmons by Sarutayaporn Janruang; HOLDNEY by Plaifon Kaewpratheep; HOW R U ? / Cast lots bottle by Farung Masilp; and SAMYAM by Woraporn Nonsri. 


            Ajarn Somying Pongpimon, the course teacher and project adviser said, “This tiem students have prepared themselves well, incorporating with the course: Basic Packaging Design. Firstly they developed the design with the help of Ajarn Phakinee Plengdeesakul and Ajarn Montida Lertnimannoradee. We invited experts to help too. Then all student submitted their work and after they knew they passed into the 11 students round, there was a workshop. The program supports nearly everything including buying of materials, experimenting, giving suggestions and we adjusted until the last day.


             “There were problems and obstacles in their work, for we did not design the product but had to think about the product. That was why we had to test both the imitated product and the packages. The students had to print the cloth and sew. They had to wrap bottles to imitate the real selling. The students should be praised for they were determined and tried hard. If only ajarn forced them the results would not be like this. I’m happy and proud of their capacity and intention. This will be a good example for the younger classes.”

         Tarakorn Khamthon, a student of the industrial design major, and his work “Cactus for clothes” said, “This package was designed as a box for scarf. It is different from other packages in the form of cactus, and customers can touch the scarf, too. Usually, we cannot touch the material if it is in the box. I was surprised when I learned that I was chosen. There is not much time to prepare to go abroad. I am worried about the language and the weather which is very cold then. I am afraid also that my passport will not be in time. Thanks to Ajarn Somying who introduced us to this contest. She and other ajarns really help us through the work.

          Woraporn Nonsri and her “SAMYAM” “It is package for the moon cake. I used the waning moon as the inspiration. The box is totally black and when we opened the box we, will little by little see the moon from waning to waxing and full moon. Under the cake will be blessing words.”

          Plaifon Kaewpratheep and her “HOLDNEY” “It is for packaging honey. It is a bag, not bottle like usually. Imagine it is the bees’ hive. Outside is a bear embracing the hive. The bear will change his emotion when the bag is pulled and opened.”

Sarutayaporn Janruang and her Allenmons – I have only paper with pattern for packaging cadies. I designed it to be a strange animal and another strange animal appears on the other side, like it can be in disguise. It is difficult because it was not very good at first. Ajarns gave suggestions until it is better.”


         Farung Masilp said her work was “HOW R U ? / Cast lots bottle” This is a ply for choice. It is a vitamin bottle and the vitamin pills are designed to be different. The bottle can be shaken. It depends what number you get. Then you will read the fortune telling on the sticker at the middle.”    



         Natchaya Thaithae’s Cleanmon is a hand towel with the pattern of Japanese fish. “The top is the fish head and the bottom is the meat. On another side, there are scales. Just like sushi. I chose Japanese fish and found information about it.”  


         The 5 students added, “This contest is under the course: Basic Packaging Design. Professor had assignment for us, which we sent for the contest. We learned with the ajarns when we went out to find materials. We went far away to Phra Lap to find a sticker shop for we need stickers on the bottle. They have good stickers from abroad and they gave good suggestions. Other entrepreneurs also helped a lot until we finished our work.”

The major problem is that we had to learn how to use some gadgets. Some of us had never used a sewing machine before. We saw the intention of the teachers and so we did our best for it so that ajarns would be happy.”


            The  SPaC Award 2017 ,Asia Student Package Design Competition 2017 is under the theme “Challenge” – packages that show creativity and new ideas. It was organized by Japan Foundation, Bangkok Thai PDA and supported by Japan Package Design Association. Competitors may design packages for things like goodies, foods, perfume, household utensils, ornaments, electrical appliances, cosmetics, medicine, etc. They selected from 600 works all over the country and had 63 works towards the final round which consists of 4 representatives from Thailand to Japan. Now there are 9 more countries: Japan, Soth Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam Singapore, and Malaysia. There are 20 work pieces in the contest which will be in Japan in December.   



Photographs: Pimchanok Srisuriyamat, Ajarn Somyong Pongpimon

News: Pimchanok Srisuriyamat

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