KKU in Hand With AIS to ground KKU with Smart Management

KKU and AIS has made an MOU aiming to equip NB-IoT technology in Smart Trash System that can send warning to trash collectors' mobile when the trash is full
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1 ธ.ค. 2560    Raviporn Saisaenthong

       KhonKaen University and Advance Wireless Network Company has ratified an MOU to collaboratively support each other on the research for NB-IoT development. The signing ceremony was witnessed by over 100 guests leading by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kittichai Triratanasirichai, President of KhonKaen University, Assis. Prof. Denpong Sudpakdee, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Communication, Mr.Santi Laoboonsa-gniam, KhonKaen Associate Governor, and Mr. Wirawat Giartpongtaworn, Advance Info Service’s Executive Director for Business Relation. The signing ceremony was held on Sirikunagorn Meeting Hall in KhonKaen University on November 29th, 2017.

The collaboration between KKU and Advance Wireless Network Company is implemented in response to the government policy to mobilize the nation’s economy and digital economy. KhonKaen has been appointed as a Smart City which  should set a prototype for other cities in the application of internet of things (IoT). This movement is to provide convenience for people in modern society.  Internet technology can by applied in all workforces such as hospital system, transportation, electricity plant, running water, and garbage disposal. Therefore, KhonKaen University is obliged to the developing of NB-IoT technology and related research in order to bring about wellness to KhonKaen University and KhonKaen Province while providing chance for business growth in the area.

 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kittichai Triratanasirichai, President of KhonKaen University, said that the university has integrated the students and teachers’ research  NB-IoT technology in order to develop Smart Infrastructure. This MOU will strengthen practical research in NB-IoT which is applicable for the urbanization and modernization of KhonKaen University and KhonKaen City. When the project is completed  KhonKaen will be a model city for the integration of provincial network in the Northeast of Thailand.

    “We plan to achieve the development of NB-IoT tools that are applicable for specific use. The research work will be conducted to navigate how to effectively use NB-IoT for different usages  or purposes such as; Smart Energy,  International Marathon and Smart Environment. NB-IoT has been piloted in a Smart Trash project in which a sensor is installed in a trash box to dictate the number of garbage in it. Different  color codes are sent to the cleaners’ mobiles to let them know when to have the trash box cleaned. In this experiment, green code shows low level of garbage while the red code shows that the box needed to be emptied. This smart trash system reduces the use of many resources while capable of predicting the number of waste being produced in a monthly or an annual scale. The Smart Trash will be put for real work at Srinagarind Hospital in 2018.” Said the president.
         Mr. Wirawat Giartpongtaworn, Advance Info Service’s (AIS) Executive Director for Business Relation, said, “We would like to thank you KKU for accrediting us as a part in developing NB-Iot for creation of modern management. What we are doing now is really responsive to the government’s Thailand 4.0.”
         “The future use of internet is expected to grow by 300 percent especially on the Fix Broadband. Accordingly, the NB-IoT technology will be maximized. AIS’s NB-IoT network is effective as characterized by its low energy consumption which helps prolong the battery life up to 10 years. Moreover, each of the NB-IoT control station can be connected to as many as 100,000 devices with the controlling radiator of up to 10 kilometers. The signal can be reached effectively in buildings. The technology is applicable with 4G network. I am confident that this collaboration will lead to the creation of innovative idea and a lot of research work. It is also a turning point for the administration and management in Thailand.” Mr. Werawat said.

The agreements of the MOU is  to be effective for three years starting  from the signing date.  

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