Khon Kaen University Council holds a meeting to reflect the work outcomes and set creative and strategic planning

Khon Kaen University Council and Administrative Council had a meeting to build mechanisms for enhancing creative administration culture towards a world-class university
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27 ธ.ค. 2560    Boripat Tasee

              Khon Kaen University has set her target to become “A world-class research university” and a leading university holding her own identity, values, standards, excellence, and leading roles that respond to the society needs and conscience; and hence is socially accepted in the Northeast, the country and the world as the “one among the first 3 leading universities of the country, one among the 80 leading universities in Asia and one in 400 world’s leading universities.” In order to achieve these goals, the 4 major pillars of KKU have been established, namely, Green and Smart Campus – an institution with smart management and administration that take into account the environmental impacts; Excellence Academy – an institution with excellence in arts and knowledge; Culture and Care Community – an institution that cares the community and promoted arts and culture; and Creative Economy and Society – an institution that builds knowledge under the mission towards creative economic and social development, with emphasis on development of quality human resource and competent graduates who possess academic and professional skills, morale, ethics responsibilities and readiness to work as outstanding graduates with specific identity that meets the needs of the rapidly changing market, employers, national and international societies.  


                On December 22-24, 2017, Khon Kaen University organized a meeting or Khon Kaen University Council and Administrative Council under the title, “Education for The I-Generation.” Dr. Narongchai Arkaraseranee, President of University Council presided over the opening of the meeting, which was held in Chiangkhan District, Loei. Over 70 participants attended the event including personnel from Khon Kaen University Council Office.


                The meeting featured special talks by Dr. Narongchai Arkaraseranee, President of University Council on, “From Industrialization to Cyberization” and Dr. taweesak Kor-anantakul, a qualified member of the University Council on “Disruptive Technologies and Their Impacts.” Following the talks, there was a learning and sharing session under the theme of the present situation, problems, direction, trends, and possibilities of the university’s management in terms of curricular development, instructional improvement, promotion and development of lecturers and students, administration and development of staff members. Participants were divided into 3 groups: health science group, science and technology group, and humanity and social science group. The session ended by a conclusion and a study trip to Na-or cultural site, Na-or Sub-district, Muang District, Loei.


                University Council President Dr. Narongchai Arkaraseranee said, “Setting policies for instruction and research is an issue requiring coordination and cooperation of all sections including the university council as the policy regulator and the administrative council as the mechanism that enhances creative administration culture. Such cooperation will lead towards planning of participatory implementation that in turn leads to concrete outcomes. As such, Khon Kaen University will attain the set targets and goals.”   


                In this meeting between University Council and Administrative Council, members of the university council proposed the present situations and problems, etc. as stated above. In addition, for the operations related to curricular management, the participants reflected the work outcomes together, which would lead to creative and strategic university administration.


News: Boriphat Thasi

Photographs: Chanchai Lada/ Boriphat Thasi 

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