24 top hot news of Khon Kaen University in 2017

Khon Kaen University selected 24 top hot news of 2017, which have brought pride to KKU people and have been under interest of all media
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29 ธ.ค. 2560    Boripat Tasee


            In 2017, Khon Kaen University implemented the policy according to the 4 strategic pillars of the university, namely, Green and Smart Campus – an institution with smart management and administration that take into account the environmental impacts; Excellence Academy – an institution with excellence in arts and knowledge; Culture and Care Community – an institution that cares the community and promoted arts and culture; and Creative Economy and Society – an institution that builds knowledge under the mission towards creative economic and social development. These pillars have been continuously been under operation by all of the staff and students. And here are the top 24 hot news of the University that have been of interest to all types of media, under memory of people in the country, and pride of KKU people who are ready to drive forward KKU towards the World Class Research University:


1.     KKU presents the cremation flowers for the last King Rama 9 Royal Ceremony

            On Thursday October 26, 2017 Khon Kaen University represented by Vice President for Arts and Culture presented the cremation flowers in front of King Rama 9 portrait at Saeng Arun Temple’s Meru Mas. On the same occasion, KKU Library held the “Paper Mache” relating the story of King Rama 9, and respectfully sending His Majesty to Heaven. See more information from:





2.     KKU students from 3 fields follow the steps of King Rama 9, helping the community to manage water resource

On October 26, 2017, the date of the Royal Cremation of King Rama 9, we all remember

his teaching and warning about water, “Water is Life”. There must be water for drinking and use. If there is no water, we cannot live – that was His Majesty’s words given on March 17, 1986.

With memory of his virtue Khon Kaen University students conducted a local water resource management and planted green vegetables at Ban Hua Bueng, Saimoon Sub-district, Nampong District, Khon Kaen. See more information from:




            3.    KKU’s degree conferral ceremony of 2017

            His Majesty King Rama 10 had Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn coming to confer degree certificates to 7,172 graduates of Khon Kaen University on December 15, 2017. See more information from:




            4.   KKU students-to-be, poor but with strong intention to complete the degree and help Isan people


            A number of poor school students in the Northeast, victim of poverty of this region were able to pass the entrance examination to Khon Kaen University with strong intention to go back and develop their hometown when they have graduated. See more information from:




            5.   An application is launched that links a doctor and a patient with kidney disease on a real-time basis

            The Data Management and Statistical Analysis Center (DAMASAC) of Faculty of Public Health, Khon Kaen University came up with an application to help all kidney disease patients and risk group under the name, “CKD application”. The app is ready for free download at Play Store. From now, patients can contact a doctor for help in real-time from this app. See more information from:




            6.     Donation reaches 52 million THB to help needy patients from running and bicycling at a distance of over 3000km

            Three Medicine Schools at Chiengmai, Khon Kaen, and Prince of Songkhla joined on the 3 gether : Run&Ride for Life" from July 22 to 28, 2017 with 2,000 runners and riders joining. The 3 medicine schools, separated in 3 groups, started in Bangkok and run & ride to their universities. The total donation money was 51,828,122THB, which was put in an account to help needy patients.  See more information from:




            7.    KKU mHealth by Thai students who come up with Apps to promote quality of life

On January 12, 2017, KKU mHealth Bootcamp and Hackathon under the concept, “Bringing together innovators to co-create digital solutions for health issues in Thailand” was held at Khon Kaen University by KKU, MIT Sana, and staff from Harvard Medical School to screen staff and students from App creation.

Many interesting Apps have been created such as the app to follow-up blood sugar, pregnant woman warning app, time management app for patients who need to come to hospital, etc. See more information from:




            8.    Ministers and high-position delegates join the 14th Khon Kaen Marathon

On Sunday January 29, 2017, Khon Kaen, KKU, public and private organizations organized the “14th Khon Kaen International Marathon.” This year there was the Minister of Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and ambassadors form 5 countries joined, along with 11,426 runners from all over the world. See more information from:



            9.     KKU-PSU-CMU hold hands arranging the learning and sharing – 3 powers for the nation

            Khon Kaen University host the learning and sharing tradition of KKU-PSU-CMU. This year is the 3rd time it has been held. Over 600 staff members from the 3 universities joined at Kosa Hotel, Khon Kaen. See more information from:



            10.   KKU trains the elderly and creates innovation for the coming Aging Society

Khon Kaen University trains the elderly to promote their physical and mental strength and prepare them for the coming aging society. See more information from:




            11.   KKU produces biogas for cars … building a green university

               KKU Office of Power and Electricity Innovation successfully produces CBG for CNG cars and on March 9, 2017 launched the first university cars using this CBG gas, which is produced from manure and napier grass. See more information from:



            12.  KKU promotes creative media and builds relationship with the community

Division of Organization Communication organized training and workshop for community leader networks on “Writing news and producing radio programs for community public relation.” This training, conducted on April 21, 2017, was under the KKU USR – Khon Kaen University towards the community. See more information from:




            13.  Cool automatic transcript issuing machine that works 24 hours

       Khon Kaen University launches an automatic transcript issuing machine at Complex Center 1 and Nongkhai campus. Students need only use their student ID card and are able to print out an official transcript. The service charge is 20-30 Baht and the time taken is less than 1 minute. See more information from:




            14.   KKU aims to use 4 innovations to reduce social gap

On Thursday November 30, 2017, KKU held a 2017 conference on “Mitigation of Public Health and Education Problems in the Northeast to Reduce Social Gaps”. See more information from:




            15. Opening ceremony of the Great Sithan KKU Festival 2017

KKU joining with Khon Kaen City, Municipality, Provincial Administrative Organizations and Thailand Tourism Authority opened the Sithan KKU Festival 2017 on Loi Krathong Day at Sithan Lake, Khon Kaen University. See more information from:






            16.  KKU joins Ministry of Science to develop pickled fish towards world standard

Faculty of Science of Khon Kaen University and Ministry of Science and Technology signed an agreement to upgrade the pickled fish product towards the international standard on October 16, 2017. See more information from:




            17.  KKU signs the declaration to stop SOTUS system and welcomes freshmen in a more creative way

Khon Kaen University stops SOTUS system and welcomes freshmen in a more creative way. The signing of declaration in this respect was done on July 7, 2017 at the President Office Building. See more information from:




            18.  KKU’s demonstration school students win The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2017 (Intel ISEF)

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2017 (Intel ISEF) was a competition held for over 1,800 young scientists from 77 countries held from May 14 to 19, 2017 in Los Angeles. KKU’s demonstration school students won a Special Award. See more information from:



            19.  KKU Smart Learning – reforming Thai education and aims to meet PISA standard in 3 years

 On April 18, 2017, KKU and Offices of Education Service Areas 24, 25, 26, and 27 (Kalasin, Khon Kaen, Mahasarakham, and Roi-et) signed agreement on “Development of Secondary School Students using KKU Smart Learning.” See more information from:




            20.   Prime Minister talks on “Propelling Thailand 4.0 in the Northeast”


            Prime Minister came to KKU and gave a talk on “Propelling Thailand 4.0 in the Northeast” which involves secure economics development and how to increase incomes and revenues. See more information from:




            21.  KKU honors Prime Minister of Lao PDR by presenting him an honorary doctoral degree

On April 11, 2017, KKU President went to Vientiane to present an honorary doctoral degree in International Business to Prime Minister of Lao PDR. See more information from:




22.  KKU holds the 5th lunar month merit making

            On April 10, 2017, KKU organized the 5th lunar month merit making to preserve the good tradition of Thailand and strengthen the community as well as showing respect towards those who have done good deeds to the university. See more information from:    




            23.  KKU raised the OTOP local products toward international level to solve Isan people’s poverty

On April 25, 2017, Faculty of Architecture of Khon Kaen University and Khon Kaen city held a meeting to plan development of local OTOP products. See more information from:      




            24.  Advanced Mathematics project – mathematics instruction that requires advanced thinking

See more information from:        




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