KKU researchers win 2017 “Good” Research work from National Research Council

Congratulations to KKU researchers who won the 2017 “Good” Research work and received 100,000 Baht from Vice Prime Minister
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            Congratulations to Asst. Prof. Dr. Sanchai Santiwes, a lecturer of Faculty of Architecture and his research team including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pairote Chommanee, Assoc. Prof. Orn-anong Ritluechai, Asst. Prof. Nitiwadee Thongpong, Ajarn Winit Moonwicha and Ajarn Chaiya Hongnee. The awarded research title is, “Design of Media for Visual Arts Instruction for High-School Students with Vision Impairment”. The awarding organization, Office of National Research Council Thailand, judged this research work at a “good” level, and the research team leader received the award from Vice Prime Minister, Air Marshal Prajin Jantong.  


            The research on designing media for instruction of visual arts subject for high-school students with visual impairment received scholarship through the 2014 research funding from Office of National Research Council Thailand and Office of Research Fund. The content consists of historical art, esthetics, critical art and practical art. The curriculum includes picture painting by means of sound from computer, plasticine sculpturing. The instruction is done in a class with a mixture of visually impaired and normal students. The research was conducted based on qualitative research design with case studies and applied research. This project has been approved by the Committee for Human Research Ethics of Khon Kaen University No. HE583013.


            It was concluded that the design of media could be done using easily available materials from the locality and stationery stores. The producing steps are simple, can be duplicated, can be self-made by school personnel or students in general. The school can distribute or share the media in a network system. The experimental activities enable impaired students to learn arts subject at a good level. The sample group was happy during the class and the visually impaired students believed they received the chance and equity in education.  


           Office of National Research Council Thailand awarded the 2017 good research work totaling 33 pieces from 12 fields from Vice Prime Minister, Air Marshal Prajin Jantong presided over the prize awarding ceremony and opening of the 2018 Inventors’ Day, which was February 2-6, 2018 at Bi-tech Convention Center, Bangna Bangkok. The event was under the theme, “Periodical Market exhibiting Research and innovation”. Inventions and innovations were introduced at the event for use in different aspects and dimensions.


News: Pimchanok Srisuriyamat

Photographs: Asst. Prof. Nitiwadee Thongpong


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