E-learning for Knowledge management

Based on Teach lass Learn More principle, e-learning is used to help the students reach higher educational achievement
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3 พ.ค. 2561    Udomchai Supanavong

E-learning is a multimedia for the creation of content in learning which also enables distance learning in the 21st century. With support from learning technology such as Learning Management System (LMS), students are able to learn anywhere away from schools.


KKU’s Center for Learning Innovation which is an office under supervision of Department of Academic Affairs and Communication has employed digital content in attempt to increase learning achievement based on the Teach Less learn More principle. The center helps the teachers to digitalize their lessons. More specifically, the teachers are able to video record their teaching in a studio that is fully equipped with everything needed for turning a routine instruction into a video based lesson. The technique reduces the teacher’s teaching time of the repeated lesson while making the class content more assessable for the learners outside of the classroom.  


 Assis. Prof. Dr. Isara Ganjak, Director of the Center of Learning Innovation said that the office has served KKU’s policy in making the university an instructional excellence. The center is in charge of finding teaching technologies appropriate for different learning disciplines. Teachers and students are encouraged to integrate technology into their learning styles. E-learning makes learning updated and flexible since the students are able to have access to the class content via the help of the Internet that is available thru ought the university.  


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nantarat Komanasin, an Associated Medical Science teacher said that online lesson is responsive to the nature of modern day learners who enjoy exposing to online learning more than attending a lecture. In addition to its high accessibility, digital lesson helps the students to be prepared about the lesson prior to attending classes. Assoc. Prof. Komanasin added that online lesson has many benefits for example, it helps the teachers prepare their teaching and makes using different media possible in the classroom.  It helps with language learning since the teachers can select simple English clips of related contents into their teaching. Moreover, online instruction gives us a trace on the students learning because everything can be recorded online. The teachers can use that data to help students who need a particular assistance. The students are happy with this kind of learning because they can review the lesson anytime they want which may result in higher learning achievement. A test conducted by this professor showed that 90 percent of the students got full score which was a rare occasion when tested from conventional teaching.


The online and digital lesson enables learners to interact with the content while being able to check their progress by themselves. The learners have the second chance to ask for clarification from the teachers when they meet again in the classroom. This teaching technology reduces the teaching time of simple lesson at which the students can learn by themselves.


Mr. Worapol Khansai, an Associated Medical Science student said e-learning makes him prepared for the actual learning with the teacher since he can study beforehand. He also prepares to ask his teacher for explanation about the ambiguous points.


Ms. Kanokwan Pliantaisong, said that e-learning exploits a lot of different learning media into the lesson which makes students learn better. In regular lecture class, students are often missed out with the lesson and find it hard to catch up since everything is gone after the class is over. E-learning helps students to prepares questions on the points that they need more clarification.


KKU has established an e-learnng service room known as, “Video – base Lesson” to help teachers digitize their lessons. This center is located on the 6th floor of the Learning Innovation building. The service is free of charge since it aims to be model for other learning media centers which should be erected at all faculties across the university. The center uses high quality tool called WACOM for making learning media which transformed the recorded video in mp4 Full HD format that is easy for use. The system is made simple for users through a touch-screen and electronic pens. The center also has technical assistant to help the teachers with their problems.


KKU is committed to creating high standard education via its curriculum management and teacher and student developments. The university’s optimal goal is to make sure the students obtain sufficient skills for their lives. Technology in learning creates strength learners by simulating their learning quest and helping them become autonomous learners which are two crucial keys for their success in the future career competition.


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