Disciples attend merit making ceremony for Luangpo Khoon

KKU organizes a merit making ceremony in remembrance of Luangpo Khoon on May 16, 2018, the day remarking the 3rd year anniversary of his death.
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16 พ.ค. 2561    Udomchai Supanavong

On Wednesday May 16, 2018, KKU’s Faculty of Medical Sciences holds a merit making ceremony to remark the 3rd anniversary of the passing away of Pratepwitayakom or Luangpo Khoon. Guests and representatives from different organizations attended the event. A list of honorable guests includes; The Advisor of the Region 9 Monastery Governor and head of Nongwang Royal Temple, Prawisutajarn who was the monastery chairperson, Khon Kaen governor—Somsak Jungtrakul who was the ceremony’s chairperson, KKU’s president—Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kittichai Triratanasirichai, KKU’s Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences—Assoc. Prof. Physician Chanchai Pantongwiriyakul, Director of Srinagarind Hospital—Assoc. Prof. Physician Apichart Jirawootipong, and Region 2 Army Chief Commander, Lieutenant General Taragon Tamawintorn.

The ceremony was started by the monks’ delivery of common precepts and sermon. After the chanting, the number of 100 monks went on the alms at which hundreds of merit makers jointed in the food offering ritual. The ceremony was closed when 88 monks recited Matiga chanting to spread merit to Luangpo Khoon.

The first day of merit marking for Luangpo Khoon was held on May 15 at 7 p.m. The night chanting was performed by 12 monks and it was chaired by Khon Kaen Deputy Governor—Mr. Surachai Bootsara and KKU’s president.

Pratepwitayakom or Luangpo Khoon, the late abbot of a well-known Wat Banrai in Nakhonratchasima, was born on October 4, 1923. During his monkhood, he was recognized as an ideal monk who strictly adhered to the teaching of Buddha. He has been highly respected as a master of magical mercy who devoted his lifetime teaching his disciples in doing good deeds. Luangpo Khoon also symbolically reminded people of living a conscious life via the distribution of his various amulets. He was greatly respected by Thai people nationwide because of his mercy and the money people donated to him was used for hospital and school constructions.

On Saturday May 16, 2015, Luangpo Khoon passed away at Nakhonratchasima Hospital at the age of 91. His will enforces that his body be donated to KKU’s Department of Anatomy and be used for anatomy investigating purposes among the medical students. In remembrance of the late monk, a lot people and his disciples attended the merit making ceremony.  

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