KKU Library builds understanding on the changes of life

KKU Library builds understanding on the changes of life at work and at home through a talk in order to reduce global warming
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23 พ.ค. 2561    Nitiya Chumapai

Besides providing services in library matters, developing a green library, Khon Kaen University now brings the social responsibility concept to set a policy and intensively carry out work related to social problems.  At present, global warming has brought a lot of problems to the world. Khon Kaen University therefore wants to take part in mitigating the arising problems. The library has been interested to study the organization’s carbon footprint with the target set to assess the greenhouse gas emission in order to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emission and produce a report of carbon footprint. Khon Kaen University Library will show its responsibility over the society and operates green business as well as aiming at being a leading organization having low carbon. This will respond to the state’s policy and support the university’s policy of green campus.

 Khon Kaen University Library sees the importance of and is committed to campaign for the personnel to know and understand the importance of carbon footprint. Therefore, on May 22, 2018, the library was honored to have Asst. Prof. Dr. Ratanawan Mangkhang, Director of the Specialist Center for Environmental Friendly Strategy, Faculty of Environment, Kasetsat University giving a special talk and advice on carbon-compensation activities at KKU Library. 

Miss Jirapa Simajaruek, Deputy Director for Special Activities related that the event makes the library staff understand the effects of greenhouse gas emission from our daily routines. The staff was encouraged to be aware of the importance to change their life styles both at work and at home so that global warming problems will be reduced.


News/ Photos: Akarima Summat



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