Engineering students of KKU runs a learning camp for school students

Engineering students of KKU runs a learning camp for students who choose engineering fields, instilling awareness of energy crisis
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25 พ.ค. 2561    Udomchai Supanavong

.     On May 24-26, 2018, students of mechanical engineering, Khon Kaen University ran a camp ‘the 7th Mo Din Daeng Rak Palang-gnan’ for 70 - 11th and 12th graders. The students were joining camp activities that provided them with information about engineering fields and a chance to visit the Energy Prototype Project on campus and outside.

     Mr. Chatchai Muangsri, a student from Department of Mechanical Engineering, as the chairperson of the7th Mo Din Daeng Rak Palang-gnan’ revealed that project aimed at instilling awareness of energy conservation, which is an important issue at present. Then the students were trained in engineering laboratories, conducted a study trip and presented their creative ideas in science from what they saw. The camp has been organized by the students for the 7th time. The students running this project dedicated themselves to design the activities for young students. This took them a long time. They divided the work among themselves to enable school students to acquire knowledge as well as experience in the team working of the organizing students.

    May 25 was the day the 11th and 12th graders visited the Net Zero Energy Building Project at Division of Communications. This project performs research into solar energy and is supported by Ministry of Energy. Mr. Chainiyom Sinthorn, Head of Innovation and Energy Management Work of Division of Environment, Energy and Infrastructure Management together with Miss Juthamas Pilachai, a public relation officer of Division of Communications welcomed the group and briefed the details for them. The young students then went to the biogas fermentation pond and CBG gas production station which produces gas from manure. Asst. Prof. Dr. Chatchai Benjapiyaporn, Director of Energy Management and Conservation Office of KKU briefed the work of the station for them. The group then went to Gas Station in Nampong District.

    Mr. Nontawat Phaphy, acting chairperson of the 7th camp project and the project coordinator told us that all activities have been planned carefully to bring benefits to the school students. The students were interested in the places they visited. This year, the number of students increased and there were students from other regions too. Most want to study at our faculty. Besides knowledge in energy conservation, we have other activities in laboratory. 

   Mr. Chatchawan Karndee, a 12th grader from Udonpitayanukoon School in Udonthani who joined the camp revealed that he had a dream to study in this faculty. This camp gave him knowledge and he also made new friends. The upperclass students took good care of them and inspired him a lot.

“I feel the warmth and friendship at Khon Kaen University. I see the elder students’ care and support. I see them help each other when they run the activities for us. I believe the green atmosphere here will make a good learning place for us.” Chatchawan said.  


News/ Photos: Udomchai Supannawong

Photos: Atthapon Hampong

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