KKU Nongkhai Campus in hand with IPST to promote science learning

KKU Nongkhai Campus in collaboration with The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology(IPST) hold science and technology learning promotion to create the 21st century citizenship
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12 มิ.ย. 2561    Panapon Meepian

June 9-10th 2018, KKU’s Nongkhai Campus held an activity called, “Enjoy Science and KIDs Creativity” to promote the learning of science, mathematics, and technology based on the standard of The Institute for the Promotion of  Teaching of Science and Technology (IPST). The activity was well collaborated by the local administration offices.

The activity is aimed to reduce the educational gaps between the schools inside and outside of town. It encourages learning in the 21st century while well serving to the government policy in making learning a method that promotes teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving. The students should be trained for their future career problem solving. The activity exhibits different kinds of learning which inspires the learning among the students. It also expresses to the audiences comprising of the teachers, parents, and school administrators the importance of science and technology for living their daily life.  

Mr. Ronachai Jitwiset, Nongkhai Governor said, “Enjoy Science and KIDs Creativity” is important in creating the public awareness on the importance of sciences, mathematics and technology in our daily. The skills on these three areas are needed for the future careers of our children. It is therefore very important to take immediate action in creating these skill for our children. I hope this event to make the parents and all parties concerned to value the importance of learning mathematics, and science and technology.”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kiart Sangaroon, KKU Vice President for Nongkai Campus said, “This activity  is held to promote the standard of learnings mathematics, sciences and technology based on the standard of The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching of Sciences and Technology (IPST). It also keeps the school teachers and parents head up on the IPST’s projects that will be implemented at the school level. The emphasis on equipping Thai students with the skills on science and technology is implemented to prepare the learners for the occupation made available in the 21st century while responding to the Thai government on creating a citizenship under Thailand 4.0 regime. Khon Kaen University, Nongkai Campus is in collaboration with IPST to be an academic mentor all Nongkai schools to help them achieve the goal in implanting science and technology skills to the students.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tatchai Sumit, The Chairperson of The Institute for the Promotion of  Teaching of Science and Technology (IPST) said, “One of the objectives of our institution is to reduce the gap and accessibility to the high quality learning. We are committed to help escalading the standards of teaching and learning of mathematics and science and technology from primary school level to secondary school level.

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