Isan smart pharmaceutical graduate of KKU awarded 2018 Royal Prize

Pharmaceutical graduate of Khon Kaen University bestowed a 2018 Northeast University Royal Prize – an inspiration for Thai youths to use classroom knowledge for others
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11 ก.ค. 2561    Jiraporn Pratomchai

      An announcement was made by Ministry of Education of a list of students and institutions awarded the Royal Prize of 2018. Enlisted among others is Prinya Khinnongjok, a graduate from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, International Program of Khon Kaen University. 

       Prinya Khinnongjok, a graduate from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, International Program of Khon Kaen University has a very high academic record and received the first class honor. He is full of academic knowledge, skills, human relation as well as management and leadership skills, which have been shown to be outstanding. He is confident, hard-working, creative, conducts himself with moral and ethics and can be a good role model to others. The work he has accomplished is evident both domestically and internationally.

       Prinya Khinnongjok (Yam) revealed that acquisition of knowledge and performing public activities enabled him to apply academic skills by using the health science knowledge to help the community. He dedicated himself by travelling to schools in the Northeast to inspire young students to continue their education in university and build leadership skills among the young ones. Doing this meant he had to allocate time and plan his schedule effectively so that both became successful.
       “I believe academic and activities can be effectively done in parallel. I only had to administer my time. I needed to learn in class for my future profession, but the activities or human relation are also necessary. The two have to be merged together, and the result is self-development and ability to help others on a wider scale.”
       The young pharmacist continued to say, “The royal award of the 2018 Northeast Universities has brought pride to my family and Khon Kaen University. It comes as a moral support to me and proves that if we are determined to continue helping others, goodness will be with us forever. I hope this award inspires Thai youths to integrate classroom knowledge with their capacity and aptitude and create useful things for others.”       

        Prinya Khinnongjok, a graduate from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, International Program of Khon Kaen University will be granted an audience and bestowed the award from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn soon.

       The 2018 Northeast University Royal Prizes, finalized on February 13, 2018 at Faculty of Public Health, Mahasarakham University, are awarded to: 1) 22 regular-program institutions including 5 small-sized institutions, 7 medium-sized institutions, and 10 large-sized institutions and 2) 5 institutions of impaired students.
       The University Royal Prizes was initiated after His Royal Highness King Rama 9 said in 1963 to M.L. Pin Malakul, then Minister of Education, “There are many students who behave well and are hard-working until their academic outcomes are good. There are also schools that manage their educational instruction well until the overall academic outcomes of their students are good. These students and schools deserve royal prizes.”

       Office of Higher Education Commission selects students to receive the royal award in 5 regions: the North, the Center, the South, the Northeast, and Bangkok. The institutions are classified into 3 sizes, large, medium and small based on the number of students of each academic year. In 2012, 5 prizes were added for impaired students in the 5 regions.


About Prinya Khinnongjok:


2000-2005 – Mahathaisuksa School, Muangpon, completed primary education

2005-2008 – Mahasarakham University Demonstration School, completed secondary education 2009-2012 – Khon Kaen University Demonstration School, completed High School

2012- 2018 – Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science of Khon Kaen University (International Program), completed Bachelor’s Degree with First Class Honor, GPA 3.77

2017 Srikalapaphruek Award from Khon Kaen University

2016 Honorary Award from Khon Kaen University

         Kalapaphruek award in management skills

         First Prize of Famelab and being representative from Thailand to Famelab International at Cheltenham Science Festival, UK

2015 First Prize from Clinical Skill Event Team at Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium 2015 Pattaya, Thailand on August 21-27, 2015 at Burapa University, Chonburi

2017 Good Oral Presentation - Pharmacy Practice Undergraduate level atThe 9th Conference of Northeastern Pharmacy Research 2017, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Ubon Ratchathani University

2017 Joining exchange program and practicum at ​ University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago

2015 “Outstanding Activity Management Award” from Khon Kaen University Pharmaceutical Alumni Association

2015 “Outstanding Activity Management Award” from Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

2012 Honorary Award from Khon Kaen University Demonstration School (Faculty of Education)

         Student Leadership

2015 President of Pharmaceutical Science Student Union

2015 Member of the working committee of Thailand Pharmaceutical Student Union

2015 Member of Health Science Student Union, Khon Kaen University  

2014 Member of  Khon Kaen University Student Council as Assistant to President for Finance

2016 Consultant of Pharmaceutical Student Union and Thailand Pharmaceutical Student Union        


Thanks for information and photographs from Mahasarakham University, Student Development Section, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, KKU and Pharm KKU photo

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