Office of National Water Resources joins KKU to assess entire water resource management

Office of National Water Resources join Khon Kaen University to assess the whole system of water resource management to sustainably solve Isan water crisis
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11 ก.ค. 2561    Porntip Kumdee

Office of National Water Resources joins Khon Kaen University to revise the outcomes of water resource management in the Northeast water basins. The target is to obtain data for building an integrating plan for operation of the country’s water resource organizations, with an emphasis of the future areal response, promotion of foundation economy, building quality of life and environment.  

July 11, 2018 - Office of National Water Resources cooperating with Khon Kaen University organized the project to follow-up and evaluate Northeast water resource management at Pulman Raja Orchid Hotel. This project involved revision and analysis past data until now that covered Isan’s Me Kong basins and Moon river basin in Roi-et, Khon Kaen, Mahasarakham, Kalasin. The emphasis was on the process of water resource management to reflect the operation efficiency which will lead to a new model for development of appropriate water resource management. The study was going to be conducted in 4 dimensions: amount of water, quality of water, organizations regulating operation of the working units, water basin committee and water user organization that play an important role to deploy water resource management in the areas, and population participation in managing water resources.

         Khon Kaen University, by Environmental and Water Resource Institute of Faculty of Engineering, as the project implementer is the key agency to acquire the information. In this regard, meetings were held for public hearing from stakeholders and discussion with representatives from different organizations and water basin committees for 11 times. Then interviews will be conducted with target groups in the 3 basins areas. Questionnaire has been developed to interview a sample group that covers all related parts including water basin committees, water users, community leaders and governmental officers. In addition, data will be compiled related to meteorology, hydrology, surface water sources and underground water sources, water needs, water quality, socio-economic situation and other related factors. Then , efficient water resource management.

         Mr. Samroeng Sangphuwong, Deputy General Secretary of Office of National Water Resources revealed that at present, KKU and the Office are expediting the study and following up project to evaluate water resource management of the Northeast water basins. It is expected that the information will be obtained to improve and integrate the implementation of water agencies in the country, which comprise over 30 agencies in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of water resource management in the Northeast. This will involve participation from the people so that the crises can be mitigated accurately based on the context of each area.

Office of National Water aims to hold meetings in 5 groups of provinces:    

          1) Middle part of the Northeast – July 11, 2018 at Pulman Raja Orchid Hotel, Khon Kaen            

          2) Lower northeastern provinces 1 – July 12, 2018 at Seemathani Hotel, Nakhon Ratchasima

          3) Lower northeastern provinces 2 – July 13, 2018 at Laithong Hotel, Ubon Ratchathani

          4) Upper northeastern provinces 1 – July 16, 2018 at MJ the Majestic Hotel, Sakonnakhon

          5) Upper northeastern provinces 2 – July 17, 2018 at Ban Chiang Hotel, Udonthani


         The project will be introduced to representatives from agencies, and opinions from representatives from the water basins and stakeholders will be collected. The results of study will be used to stipulate the national management approach for water resources. The criteria for water management both in the normal situation and crisis will be set in order to face problems efficiently and at the same time to attain maximum effectiveness for water resource management in the areas.



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